Thursday, December 30, 2010

Iris Deandra and Her Aunty Michelle!

Since I'm back in Malaysia and it's been months since I saw my darling little girl, decided to pay them a visit. The last time I met her, she was so tiny, in her little crib sleeping.

Now, she's bigger and crawling all over the place and she tries standing up and she's moving her little hip to dance! She's so adorable, when she's tired, she just snuggles with us and falls asleep.

She's like an angel when she smiles and sometimes, it breaks my heart. She's so lovely and so beautiful. Her eyes are like Bambi's, big, round and black. My heart skips a beat when I'm carrying her and she's just starting to make little baby noises so, it's never a dull moment.

I cannot imagine loving another baby like this. My heart still skips a beat every time she smiles. I love her so much!!

*I have a new man in my life! or you can say a puppy. I adopted him as he was left outside the clinic and so pitifully he don't know anything and he followed me like his mother. He's extremely intelligent and he's able to do lots of wonderful things! I think I make him happy because he doesn't seem so depressed anymore... He's just perfect! Pictures of Scotty will be up soon!

~you know you do too~
Michelle May

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