Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The King Louis Grill & Bar

The entrance to King Louis isn't your typical entrance in the mall. You have to go to the roof of the mall and then exit, to the restaurant! It's right next to Daiso!

I don't think anyone could miss the 2 medieval armored soldiers guarding the entrance! I love the whole medieval/European theme of the restaurant!

The menu is oh so fascinating! The dishes are named like Queen Christina, King Philip, Princess Something-something and all the English names! So quaint!

The mug is even medieval! Just a mug of water and isn't the mug just so cute? It's simple, but cute!

The centerpiece of the restaurant is another armored guy!

For starters, we ordered Platter A. The drummets were so crispy and delicious and so were the potato skins! This platter costs 17 SGD.

We had the Half pork Ribs which was so delicious! 8 bones of tender meat that falls off the bones and good marination because some ribs are marinated on top and tasteless at the bottom. This one was perfect! Half pork ribs costs 19 SGD.

For dessert, our nice waiter recommended the chocolate mousse. This is so heavenly as it's served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate mousse is do decadent that it simply melts in your mouth! In fact, I'm craving for it right now! The chocolate mousse costs 8 SGD!

When I suggested King Louis, I was so annoyed when I got there. I could barely find my way in a jam packed mall, let alone find my way up to the roof and into the restaurant!

Was too tired to even look for another restaurant so, decided to dine here instead! It's the best decision because I was craving for pork ribs and the meal really hit the spot added with the chocolate mousse for dessert, I could die and go to heaven! BEST RESTAURANT!!!

The bill for 2 came up to 52 SGD. All prices are in Singapore Dollars. And the service here isn't too bad either. The waiter was very nice! Interested? You can visit:

The King Louis Grill & Bar,
1 HarbourFront Walk Vivo City,
Tel: 62760862

~you know you want to~
Michelle May

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