Friday, December 10, 2010

Manna House Gospel Showcase

We got charity tickets. Since we're into the whole charity thing! 3 tickets worth 100MYR each!

Me and Esther coussie! Beauty runs in our family ok?

I love stairs! Especially these ones at Tropicana Grand Ballroom!

Me, The Father and Nigel and technically the brother in laws were at Tropicana Golf and Country Club for Manna House's charity gospel. It was really awesome because instead of boring put-me-to-sleep-in-the-pews kinda gospel, they played jazzy rock kinda gospel!

Which The Father enjoyed very much and now decided to join the church just to play bass. Going to church for the wrong reasons! But, it was good. Enjoyed ourselves! Went to Sid's Bar at Section 14 to watch Uncle David jam and for some beers after the event.

~you know I believe~
Michelle May

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