Saturday, December 04, 2010

Munich Gastro Bierhaus

Dr. Eunice's Pork Cordon Bleu

My Honey Pork Ribs

Since Dr. Eunice's church was carolling at IOI Boulevard cos tis the season to be jolly, we decided to support them and have dinner after our badminton session with the usual crew at the Badminton academy.

Decided to try Munich Gastro Bierhaus because of it's location. You see, we would be able to enjoy our food whilst the carolers entertained us, or that's what we thought. We ordered our food at 8PM and by then the waiters brought us mineral water bottles that we didn't order. I mean, we ordered a Singapore Sling and a glass of warm water, Pork Ribs and Cordon Bleu. Not rocket science.

First, they brought a glass of watermelon juice, then another idiot brought a mineral water, and then 2 glasses of beer. Some village must be missing their idiot. Then we had fun listening to the carolers and the food still hasn't arrive in 30 mins. The carollers packed, went back and another live band started and the food still hasn't arrived.

We were assuming that the had to catch and kill the pig first, you know. After 45 minutes when we asked the waiter on the status of our food, only then, the food finally came. Like, after 50 mins of waiting time. I ordered Pork Ribs and the dish they presented to me was SUPPOSEDLY pork ribs which was VERY DISAPPOINTING. I've tasted better ribs at a lower class restaurant. Then, Dr. Eunice and I are mash potato people but their mash is PATHETIC.

Mash potato was like a table spoon of mash and a tea spoon of gravy. The total bill was almost 80MYR for such terrible tasting food, we decided that we won't return to this place. It is over rated. Maybe they should just not serve food entirely and just turn it into a bar or a bierhaus.

Dr. Eunice wasn't happy with her Cordon Bleu as well. For a certain price that we pay, we deserve certain expectations to be satisfied. Oh, don't bother asking for recommendations on cocktails because the waitress doesn't know what she's supposed to be selling. Waiters here have IQ level lower than a 15 years old. Could barely understood what we asked except for the cheque which they brought ASAP.

If you would like some disappointment, head on to:
Munich Gastro Bierhaus,
Tel : 03-80768380

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