Sunday, December 05, 2010

Naledi's Wedding

Oh, Oh! Can you see my hair colour? Isn't it lovely? I love the tingle of brunette/blonde with my black hair!

I swear he's the funniest guy... EVER! We go waaay back when I used to doodle in his notebook during class!

Told you Mauco was funny! He's one of the nicest guy... :)

The bride; Naledi Majasi and her husband; Golesedi. Aren't they just the most beautiful couple?

Me and Decent Guy! LOL! I can't remember his name. But we were good friends back in Statistics class!

This is Tshepo Lucia and I miss her. Used to be in all the same classes as her until she went back, got married and now with a lovely daughter!

Me and the lovely bride! Man, I love her so much! She's one amazing woman!

This is a picture of Naledi Paledi aka Star, Me in my very pretty handkerchief dress, Tebby and Chynar!

The three of us... Chynar and Carol. They look lovely, right?

I love the presentation! Very soon, everyone joined the bridesmaid and started dancing! I swear, it was so fun!

When friends tell me that they're getting married, I ALWAYS assume it's a joke or they're pregnant. I need to change that perspective asap. First, it was Bree. When I was still in Aussie, Naledi told me she's getting married. I keep asking her if she's kidding.

That girl laughs too much and she's one of the reason why I came back. I love her to bits; just like all my other friends and I could not possibly miss one of my best friend's wedding, right? Was actually an hour late.

It was the most beautiful wedding. All my friend's have beautiful weddings! I had fun dancing, cam whoring and just, catching up with old friends. Even though I couldn't remember names, I was shocked that they remembered mine and they made me felt welcome.

It was worth coming home to. Then, rushed to a badminton session with St. Angle peeps and then to IOI Boulevard for some carolling session with Dr. Eunice and dinner and a Singapore Sling. After that, just chilled and watch a live band and looking forward to our "spontaneous" trip to Bukit Tinggi tomorrow! Stoked to see the Colmar Tropicale. Will be posted up in the next post!

Man, it's good to be back! The bitch is back... Can you handle me?

~envy me~
Michelle May

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