Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore Girl!

My 2 favorite men; Mr. Hersheys and Mr. Reese's! Cover me with your chocolatey delight and slowly lick it off me! ROFL!

Singapore's version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory!!! Candies cover the walls from ceiling to floor and all sorts of chocolates and candies and colors! The extra amazing part? The M&M's merchandise, peep's merchandise and all candy merchandise! The store manager's very nice too! :)

M&M's heaven, here on earth and I love it!!! SO MUCH!!!

Hershey's is absolutely amazing at Chocolate World and the have everything Hershey's! From earphones to tees and coin boxes!

Huge ass Christmas tree at Sentosa, right outside Universal Studio!

Such a beautiful Christmas tree in Takashimaya and I love being amongst all the high street brand! Like Cartier? Fine purveyor of luxury goods!

This is the view from my Volkswagon Passat! LOL! If you're gonna be in Orchard Road, might as well do it in style! Lots of Lancers and Coopers all the way but we still look fly in our Passat!

Golden Christmas tree all brightly lit up all over the place around Orchard Road! There's even a Ferrero Rocher huge Christmas tree and a Nativity scene along Takashimaya!

The view of Resorts World Sentosa from Vivo City Mall!

Finally The Parentals visited Singapore and was showing Mother all the cool stuff in Singapore! In Sentosa, the most coolest places are Candylicious, Garrett's Popcorn, Universal Studios, Chocolate World, Victoria's Secret and Hard Rock Cafe!

We then, went to Vivo City with the FREE feeder bus and one of the bestest restaurant has got to be King Louis and Mother loved it there! Food will not be included here but will be in my next post! We also visited Ah Yee Margeret and she took us sightseeing!

I had an awesome trip to Singapore and I guess it's time to head back once everything is done!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

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