Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zoo Negara

All of my 23 years, I have not been to the zoo. Well, only once 6 years ago at the carpark to collect The Cocker Spaniel. That's it. The Father can't walk and The Mother thinks that the zoo is smelly. At the end of the day, I don't like going to the zoo alone so.... Go figure!

Then, befriended Dr. Eunice and we've been to most animal places! I really love and enjoy her company! We have the same interests and she's so much fun to be with! Well, she had some friends at the Zoo and I haven't been to the zoo, so.... A Day At The Zoo!!!

Well, all I can is that I've been to many zoos and Malaysia's zoo is just pathetic. It's not well maintained and the animals look sad. Anyways, we went there to visit the new residents of the zoo. The area is off limits to the general public but since we're in the veterinary/animal health we get to go in!

I shall not ruin the surprise for Zoo Negara but it's new residents are really adorable! For the record, every Malaysian should pay a visit to Zoo Negara. It's very educational and being amongst the animals, makes me a very happy person!

~you animal~
Michelle May

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