Sunday, January 23, 2011


Pretty much here most of the time I think I should consider getting a PR! Anyways, this time, The Parentals and Hong Kong girl came along! It's fun with the Hongkie... I adore her.

We did the usual stuff and got my books!!! I really have to praise the level of customer service here! I've been trying to get 3 books titled: Utopia by Thomas More, Understanding International Relations by Chris Brown and Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Malaysia is apparently so uneducated that they don't have these books in stock. Please bear in mind that these are timeless classics. So disappointed in MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya, Popular and the whole likes of it!

Anyways, I spoke to the girl at the Information Counter and she managed to find all the books except the most important book of all... My text book; Understanding International Relations. Kinokuniya @ Takkashimaya is absolutely huge and there's 1 copy of my book in the whole bookstore!

I was disappointed but after 7 minutes, the poor girl went all over the bookstore looking for me just to pass me the book. This amazingly marvelous person managed to find the last copy of the misplaced book. If it was a guy, he would have been my absolute hero!

Anyways, bought 100 SGD worth of books!!! Been a very productive trip to Singapore this time but the only depressing thing was that I couldn't get my cheongsam. Bugis was like the human version of the Great Migration and Chinatown was equally the same! VERY HAPPY AND SUPER EXCITED! :)

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Michelle May

Friday, January 21, 2011

Malones Irish Bar @ The Curve

As we were on our jolly little way to Sanctuary, we happen to pass by Malones. It's an Irish Restaurant and Bar just right above Apartment. Well, it's the same company so, you can access both floors via a staircase.

We went it there for the happy hours and forgot all about Sanctuary. Anyways, the deco of the place was really nice in a mass appeal way since everything was all Irish. Most pictures were leprechauns. The whole color palette was mainly green.

The music was a very distinctive mix of Little Polka Dot Bikini, Total Eclipse of The Heart to latest R&B like Enrique, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz and Sean Kingston. There was just one point where I wanted to change the whole playlist!

The people were very extremely nice to us. The three of us got the Tiger collector's tin that contains a deck of cards and dices... You have to buy 99MYR worth of Tiger to get it, but they were very generous! Like what Shini said, "We likey surprise gifts!"

We spent hours there just drinking, and drinking and playing Chots! (Cho Tai Ti) and it was so fun! Talking about places we'll never visit, wedding plans, guys, work, places to visit, things to buy... We talk a lot and this was our Chots score! 5-4-3 (Me, Julesy, Shini) Me and Julesy won once each by default cause we had all the Tai Ti in our hand.

Overall, I like Malones. We'll definitely be back. Here's the address:

Malones @The Curve
Lot 152, 1st Floor,
Western Courtyard (above The Apartment)
The Curve Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara


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Michelle May

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gardening with The Cocker Spaniel

Before we start, I have to explain that The Cocker Spaniel has a liking to plastic bags, plants and newspaper.

And he loves destroying them.... and peeing on it to mark his territory!

I forgot to mention that he loves uprooting and the most fun he's ever had was turning Mother's money plants into lifeless bunches of weed.

The plants that he can'r destroy? He likes shoving his whole body into the plant for no apparent reason!

He's trying to be nice to the little plant! He's trained to "Paw Paw" as a sign of being friendly or to apologize.

He convinced everyone that he did all the planting and digging! He even offered his 'gardening services' to Mother after she cleaned up all his mess!

He went to the corner and sulked when Mother yelled at him. But he'll never stop 'gardening'

Over the weekend, The Parentals went CNY plant shopping and bought one, two many plants! Since I'm the only unemployed one at home, they thought gardening would relax me.

Anyways, me and The Cocker Spaniel decided to do some gardening. Well, I did most of the gardening, he just sat around and when I turn my back on him, he either tore the newspaper, pee on the plants or poke his nose where it doesn't belong.

Was gardening for about 3 hours and he slept like a baby after that. Gardening must be very tiring for a dog!

~you know he's so cute~
Michelle May

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dave's Again and TGI Fridays for dessert!

Pork Knuckle was absolutely amazing! Crunchy, crisp to the bone, tender meat, and muy delicioso! Recommended for 3 persons! (50 MYR+)

POrk Ribs which is the BEST i've ever tasted so far in Malaysia! (48 MYR)

I'm a regular at Dave's and I've never thought of trying their pork ribs. I have no idea why. I've tasted almost every item in their pasta section and I have to say that I love their pasta.

Out of the blue, I took The Mother and The Hongkie to try other food besides the pasta. We ordered the Caesar Salad which we finished before I remembered to take a picture because it was so delicious! Mother loved the salad.

Secondly, we had the pork ribs and pork knuckles. Man, it was one of the best meals ever! Is it even remotely possible to fall in love with a favorite place all over again? This was THE place when The Malay sister comes back and The Indian sister's fav hangout. Oh, the whole meal costs around 150 MYR for the 3 of us.

Ground Floor, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(opposite TGI Friday’s and next to Canton-i)
Tel – 03-7726-5327

Eton Mess (15MYR)Light and crunchy pavlova / merengue decadently covered in fresh cream and strawberries! Yummers!!!

Chocolate Brownie (15MYR)Warm chocolatey brownie served with cold vanilla ice cream! A lethal chocolate overdose of hot and cold!

For dessert, we decided to try Friday's. It's been a while since I've had their desserts. Anyways, we were very impressed by the level of customer service here that I felt I just had to tell everyone.

The brownie that was served was lacking in pecan nuts that was advertised on their menu. We brought the issue up with the hostess and she so kindly NOT charge us for the brownie and even offered to 'run over to Jusco' to get us some pecans.

Mother was really impressed by her even offereing to run over to Jusco. We were satisfied with the Eton Mess but we didn't finish the brownie though. Wasn't that nice without the nuts!

We were such gluts today that we decided to go on a diet in order to fit into a cheongsam by CNY! Which I think it's a lil impossible now!

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Michelle May

Hard Rock Sentosa and Singapore Foody!

Ladies do it with style and tact and sometimes very subtlety.

I love my Mojito!!! The Mojito here, somehow tastes better.

Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings. My all time fav would be Classic Rock!

My usual spot by the bar... I just love sitting by the bar and observing people when I'm dining alone!

Me and aunt had the Lobster 4 seasons at Geylang. Quite near to aunt's office! Delicious, fresh lobster with mixed fruit salad!

Pork ribs at Billy Bombers at Orchard Rd. or Bugis! (I cannot remember!) Ribs was flavorful only at the top and the bottom near the bones were a bit chewy/hard/dry...

Singapore is a great city. Lots of lovely food and I love being in such a democratic society. It's unbelievable that such place that's almost Utopian according to Thomas More and being compared to Malaysia exists just across the border!

Anyways, I love the food here! Pork ribs, lobsters, alcohols, and Sentosa has to be the best place ever! My weekly tradition is to have my wings and mojito at Hard Rock, Sentosa and ribs at King Louis!

~you know you'll love it too~
Michelle May

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fish Farm at Broga, Semenyih

All the food that we ordered was finished!

Grilled Aubergines and Lady's Finger!The dish was very fresh! Grilling with a little sauce keeps the veggies very fresh. It's cooked but it's still fresh!

Grilled chicken with Chinese wine! This was very nice because the wine is flavorful and the chicken was tender.

Grilled Fish with Chinese Sauce! You can really taste the freshness of the fish and the meat was just so fresh but the sauce is a little too watery for my liking.

Let's start with why we went to Semenyih. We went there because we had a meeting with (HOPEFULLY!) my future professor at University of Nottingham. Mother took a day off and Father was excited at the prospect of going to a University. I'm supposed to be travelling to and from my house in Puchong and Semenyih if everything goes well.

Not gonna say much but you'll be the first to know. I promise. Well, Semenyih is so far! So far and nothing to eat. Then decided to search for food via the GPS and it took us to a fish farm. The problem was, after 10 minutes on the trail of the GPR, the road cannot be traced and we were lost!

If you have a GPS, you'll have to turn left from the entrance of the Uni and go all the way straight until you see a temple, then turn left and go all the way straight on a dirt road and you can see the restaurant on your left. From the Uni to the place takes about 15 minutes.

The restaurant only serves food that are grilled. You want something fried, steamed or whatever, I'm sorry, they don't do it. The food was very good but the choices are very limited. Then, we went to Subang to get some garden supplies but man, flowers don't come cheap nowadays!!! The Parentals kept thinking today was a weekend!

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Michelle May

Baking and Food!

Daddy ordered the ROAST PORK SANDWICH (21 MYR) I love fries that tastes like potatoes instead of flour! The pita like sandwich is not bad as well!

Mother ordered the SLICED BELLY SALAD (18MYR) This is a bit weird cause I'm not a fan of balsamic dressing but it's a good attempt anyways because pork is rarely used in salad with the exception of crisp bacon!

SPAGHETTI CARBONARA WITH CRISPY BACON AND WILD MUSHROOM (I can't remember the price!) I ordered this and I just loved the creaminess of the sauce and the bacon was really nice as well.

Whenever I travel and comes back to Malaysia, I have to eat pork. I have no idea why but I just do. When I got back from Aussie, I was so carnivorous for pork even though I had the best pork ribs in Aussie!

So, I got back from Singapore and was still craving for pork ribs like the ones I had at King Louis and Dr. Eunice has been actively promoting The Pork Place, I decided to try it with the hopes of finding the best pork ribs in Malaysia.

The minute we stepped through the door, I had to ask the waiter to hold the door open for us. My dad is OKU and these stupid Chinese boy could actually stand there until I told him to do a simple thing as open the door. That guy really pissed me off.

Call me a bitch, but I know what and how a restaurant is supposed to be run and customer service is the utmost importance. If this waiter has to be told to do something so menial, then he shouldn't be a waiter in the first place.

The second thing was, pork ribs was on the menu but it wasn't available. It was a disappointment because pork ribs is apparently so rare in Malaysia. I can't find any place that serves up a good pork ribs!

Anyways, food was just moderately good but Dr. Eunice has been raving about the pork knuckles which we didn't try. Deco is minimalism with lots of pigs and it somehow makes you feel a tad lil guilty eating those cute creatures.

The Pork Place
31, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 7, Bandar Puchong Jaya.
03 7729 4600

Tony Roma's Shrimp Scampi Pasta (31.90 MYR) as advertised in the menu was GENEROUS with the shrimp! I really, really hate it when people serve me pasta/noodles with minimal amount of ingredients!

Mother had Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (Price, I have no idea!) The salad was just average, lots of leafy greens and with chicken on top. They were generous with the chicken though.

We went to Mid Valley for some shopping and decided to have something very filling hence, Tony Roma's. I just absolutely hate the fact that they don't serve pork ribs. Tony Roma's should just change their name because the affiliation with the brand Tony Roma's is just so degrading. Tony Roma's started out with pork, baby back ribs.

You see, baby back ribs is tender and more "absorbent" to the marinade compared to beef and if they are not gonna serve pork due to shitty fucked up reasons we all know in Malaysia, they should stop using the name Tony Roma's.

On the other hand, Tony Roma's in Singapore is another place to visit for pork ribs. Most weekends, I just get so crazy and cross the border for decent food. Anyways, food was filling and tasty. Can't wait to go back to Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa for some buffalo wings and mojito again!

Thank God I don't stay in Malaysia long enough!

This was the branch of Tony Roma's I visited:
Store Info:
Lot No. LG 217, The Gardens Mid Valley Center, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur 59200
P. 603-22828243

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Oreo Bites! Tasty, easy to prepare and delicious! Recipe can be found here:

Cornflakes and Raisins covered with Chocolate. I do this so often and it was so easy that I don't have a recipe. Just melt a bar of chocolate (please use high quality and imported ones!) with 2 table spoons of Nutella! When it's melted, pour it over the whole box of corn flakes and raisins and mix! Simple as that! You can even add nuts, or those colorful sweet deco balls. Up to you. Then, chill it in the fridge.

Since I'm unemployed and my greatest weakness is chocolate (Dr.Eunice knows this too well!) and i'm technically a glut when it comes to chocolate!!! I could be on a diet and still eat chocolate! So, here are some things I've been doing at home.

Oh, will be trying out a new recipe next week! Will attempt to bake a chocolate tart! If you wanna bake with me, here's the recipe:

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