Friday, January 14, 2011

Fish Farm at Broga, Semenyih

All the food that we ordered was finished!

Grilled Aubergines and Lady's Finger!The dish was very fresh! Grilling with a little sauce keeps the veggies very fresh. It's cooked but it's still fresh!

Grilled chicken with Chinese wine! This was very nice because the wine is flavorful and the chicken was tender.

Grilled Fish with Chinese Sauce! You can really taste the freshness of the fish and the meat was just so fresh but the sauce is a little too watery for my liking.

Let's start with why we went to Semenyih. We went there because we had a meeting with (HOPEFULLY!) my future professor at University of Nottingham. Mother took a day off and Father was excited at the prospect of going to a University. I'm supposed to be travelling to and from my house in Puchong and Semenyih if everything goes well.

Not gonna say much but you'll be the first to know. I promise. Well, Semenyih is so far! So far and nothing to eat. Then decided to search for food via the GPS and it took us to a fish farm. The problem was, after 10 minutes on the trail of the GPR, the road cannot be traced and we were lost!

If you have a GPS, you'll have to turn left from the entrance of the Uni and go all the way straight until you see a temple, then turn left and go all the way straight on a dirt road and you can see the restaurant on your left. From the Uni to the place takes about 15 minutes.

The restaurant only serves food that are grilled. You want something fried, steamed or whatever, I'm sorry, they don't do it. The food was very good but the choices are very limited. Then, we went to Subang to get some garden supplies but man, flowers don't come cheap nowadays!!! The Parentals kept thinking today was a weekend!

~you know you trust me~
Michelle May

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