Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gardening with The Cocker Spaniel

Before we start, I have to explain that The Cocker Spaniel has a liking to plastic bags, plants and newspaper.

And he loves destroying them.... and peeing on it to mark his territory!

I forgot to mention that he loves uprooting and the most fun he's ever had was turning Mother's money plants into lifeless bunches of weed.

The plants that he can'r destroy? He likes shoving his whole body into the plant for no apparent reason!

He's trying to be nice to the little plant! He's trained to "Paw Paw" as a sign of being friendly or to apologize.

He convinced everyone that he did all the planting and digging! He even offered his 'gardening services' to Mother after she cleaned up all his mess!

He went to the corner and sulked when Mother yelled at him. But he'll never stop 'gardening'

Over the weekend, The Parentals went CNY plant shopping and bought one, two many plants! Since I'm the only unemployed one at home, they thought gardening would relax me.

Anyways, me and The Cocker Spaniel decided to do some gardening. Well, I did most of the gardening, he just sat around and when I turn my back on him, he either tore the newspaper, pee on the plants or poke his nose where it doesn't belong.

Was gardening for about 3 hours and he slept like a baby after that. Gardening must be very tiring for a dog!

~you know he's so cute~
Michelle May

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