Friday, January 21, 2011

Malones Irish Bar @ The Curve

As we were on our jolly little way to Sanctuary, we happen to pass by Malones. It's an Irish Restaurant and Bar just right above Apartment. Well, it's the same company so, you can access both floors via a staircase.

We went it there for the happy hours and forgot all about Sanctuary. Anyways, the deco of the place was really nice in a mass appeal way since everything was all Irish. Most pictures were leprechauns. The whole color palette was mainly green.

The music was a very distinctive mix of Little Polka Dot Bikini, Total Eclipse of The Heart to latest R&B like Enrique, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz and Sean Kingston. There was just one point where I wanted to change the whole playlist!

The people were very extremely nice to us. The three of us got the Tiger collector's tin that contains a deck of cards and dices... You have to buy 99MYR worth of Tiger to get it, but they were very generous! Like what Shini said, "We likey surprise gifts!"

We spent hours there just drinking, and drinking and playing Chots! (Cho Tai Ti) and it was so fun! Talking about places we'll never visit, wedding plans, guys, work, places to visit, things to buy... We talk a lot and this was our Chots score! 5-4-3 (Me, Julesy, Shini) Me and Julesy won once each by default cause we had all the Tai Ti in our hand.

Overall, I like Malones. We'll definitely be back. Here's the address:

Malones @The Curve
Lot 152, 1st Floor,
Western Courtyard (above The Apartment)
The Curve Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara


~you know me~
Michelle May

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