Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year 2011

Man, where do I begin? 2010 was memorably EPIC! I did some crazy things, sinned a lot mostly and learnt a few things about myself. Well, I FINALLY graduated and halfway through my S.E.A TRAVEL BEFORE I TURN 25 list and last but not least, I screwed up... BIG TIME!

But let's not dwell on the past and let's look into the future. I'm taking up a lot of stuff; Spanish (FULL THROTTLE!), Guitar, Recorder, God and I'm FINALLY doing my Masters! Super stoked. This is indeed MY year!

At the end of the day, all these doesn't mean a thing. I've been asking myself if I've been a blessing to other and what have I done. I'm pleased to say that I've been actively helping animals, I enjoy relocating them into homes and bringing joy to families. I believe that, for every puppy bought at a pet store, a dog is put down in the pound.

For the millionth time, my dog is ADOPTED. I've also been doing good to people. I believe that I've touched many lives and made many new friends in the process. I've also realised the importance of family and God. No matter how you screw up or how badly you've treated your family, they'll ALWAYS be there. No matter what.

God has been VERY kind to me. And also very patient. I've learnt to let go and let God guide me. The song Jesus Take The Wheel isn't about Jesus driving a car or saving lives. It's about letting go and leaving everything up to Him and He will work things out in His time.

*I've also been blessed with an amazing guy who does amazing things for me. He's been nothing but kind and patient with me. He treats me like a 'real man should' and I guess I'm falling for him. He makes me promises that he keeps and he's so good to me. For the first time, I saw how happy he is.....

I've also been blessed with very good friends. Friends who goes the extraordinary way for me. Friends who wiped my tears during my times in need and who lends me a shoulder to cry on even though I ignored them when I was happy. Like what Oprah said, I don't need friends who'll ride the limo with me, I need friends that takes the bus with me.

Anyways, I'm popping a champagne as a toast to one hell of a memorable year and fireworks to an AWE... (WAIT FOR IT!)...SOME year! To everyone who reads this, Happy 2011. May the year bring you more joy, laughter, and humility. Let's toast to the little Rabbit of 2011!!!

In 2011, I want to touch more lives, help more people and do more for the animals and the environment. I guess that it wouldn't hurt to be nicer to people as well. My greatest wish this year is NO MORE DRAMAS. I don't need anymore dramas/shit in my life. Thank you God.

*refer previous blog!

~lotsa love~
Michelle May

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