Sunday, January 23, 2011


Pretty much here most of the time I think I should consider getting a PR! Anyways, this time, The Parentals and Hong Kong girl came along! It's fun with the Hongkie... I adore her.

We did the usual stuff and got my books!!! I really have to praise the level of customer service here! I've been trying to get 3 books titled: Utopia by Thomas More, Understanding International Relations by Chris Brown and Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Malaysia is apparently so uneducated that they don't have these books in stock. Please bear in mind that these are timeless classics. So disappointed in MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya, Popular and the whole likes of it!

Anyways, I spoke to the girl at the Information Counter and she managed to find all the books except the most important book of all... My text book; Understanding International Relations. Kinokuniya @ Takkashimaya is absolutely huge and there's 1 copy of my book in the whole bookstore!

I was disappointed but after 7 minutes, the poor girl went all over the bookstore looking for me just to pass me the book. This amazingly marvelous person managed to find the last copy of the misplaced book. If it was a guy, he would have been my absolute hero!

Anyways, bought 100 SGD worth of books!!! Been a very productive trip to Singapore this time but the only depressing thing was that I couldn't get my cheongsam. Bugis was like the human version of the Great Migration and Chinatown was equally the same! VERY HAPPY AND SUPER EXCITED! :)

~you know you adore me~
Michelle May

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