Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 3 of CNY!!!

Day 3 of CNY was very spontaneous!!! Me and Mommy went to Klang to visit Tamz and her mom. After lunch, we went shopping then Mommy had to go down to PJ to have dinner with Daddy and Uncle David.

Tammy decided to hang out with Melvin and we picked Melvin up and had the most amazing Banana Leaf Rice. I've NEVER had banana leaf rice and it was a culture enrichment course for me. Though, I still don't know how to eat with my hands.

Then, we decided to watch movie and do something 'spontaneous'. Movies at Tropicana City Mall was absolutely, impossibly boring! Then we went to OverTime for some drinks and more Cho Tai Ti.

I lost Cho Tai Ti real bad so, another round's on me. We went back to my place to chill though I could vaguely remember that night but I know that they all left at 5AM....

It was a good night... we were officially stoned!

~you know you can't change me~
Michelle May

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