Thursday, February 03, 2011

Reunion Dinner & Day 1 of CNY!

Wearing the cheongsam I got from August 8!!! The very one I dreamt about!

We were all stoning after Natalie Chin and Family left...

This is what me and my bro does all the time... Madrekins will just look on and when someone starts to scream, then, she'll ask us to cut it out!

Me and Natalie Chin at Grandma's on the first day of CNY!

The girls of the CHIN family... Me, Natalie Chin and Chin Wen Jing!

Now, the cousins of the CHIN clan; Natalie CHIN, CHIN Wen Jing aka Girl and CHIN Yi Hong aka Boy!

Darrell and Grandma!!! My, what BIG mouth you have?

Darrell's T: I'm with stupid-------> (NATALIE CHIN)
Natalie Chin: *hits Darrell*

Let's all 'lou yee sang"!!! But we made a terrible mess instead!

Madrekins helping herself to the Four Seasons!

During our reunion dinner! Was wearing my Cotton On Aussie toga floral dress! A gift from Aunty Serena!

Little Chloe Lau from Aunty Miow Khee's family! She's so cute like a little angel!

This is the first year in a VERY LONG TIME that we celebrated Chinese New Year in Malaysia, I almost forgot how it felt! We were stranded here since we were late in booking our flights and we learnt our lesson; BOOK AND PLAN FOR THE HOLIDAYS EARLY!

So, we joined Madrekins' side of the family for the reunion dinner and we visited Grandma the next day... T'was real fun since we cam whored, ate, and talked nonsense all the time!

I do miss going on holidays but this is a nice break from the holidays as well! Will be going to Natalie Chin's house tomorrow and hope to take more pictures!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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