Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello to Paddington and Pushkin

Say HELLO to my little 2 additions to the family. Paddington aka Paddy and Pushkin (named after Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin) Russia's, greatest 19th century poet.

Pushkin is very white, in fact, it's much more white than Paddy which has a spot on its leg! These two naughty fellows are the offspring of my darling Patrick and Emmylou. Just cleaned their cage and they were munching and being noisy, now, they are just napping.

Believe it or not, these are the size when they are born. Fully coated and eyes as wide as a deer in the headlights! They're about 2 weeks now and they are already eating whatever Mommy's eating.

For visits, do contact me!

~you know they are so cute~
Michelle May

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crazy, Naughty, Genting!

Need less to say, Genting was crazy wild. Too much alcohol and lots of crazy stunts. Memories. Love Genting.

~you know me~
Michelle May

Why Work is a Love/Hate Thing

I LOVE work because I have such amazing friends like Mingy and Mark and I love my job because I do AMAZING things. I meet tonnes of people and I get access to their whole like on resume. It's amazing if you're in the recruitment business.

I HATE jams that I have to go through EVERYDAY to get to work. These Puchong people, has no brains most of the time. The whole friggin LDP is jam and it's like 10 lanes before the toll to 5 lanes after the toll, so, just give way coz you ain't going any faster.

But you see, the uneducated ones are just so kiasu. They will purposely NOT give way to you if you put your indicator. When you just cut in front of them without your indicator, they get all upset and say, why didn't you use your indicator? Does it matter? you still won't let me go. Seriously, these people should be treated ala Rape of Nanking.

Need to go all Hitler and get rid of these low class uneducated selfish SOB Chinese people. Sometimes, I'm just so sick and tired of the bloody jam. It doesn't help that I have to go through it EVERY morning. And where are the police in the morning? probably still sleeping and they actually increased the toll from 1.20 (before) to 1.60 currently. There's a reason why we pay the toll. To have better access.

The developers of Puchong are selfish. That includes IOI. They keep clearing all the forest and keep developing every little land that Puchong has no more land. In Jalan Tiong alone, we used to enjoy hills and monkeys will be in their jungle and then, they decided to build 3 different condos and then monkeys started coming to the residential areas.

No idea how they got rid of the monkeys but there goes our nice cool hill. The best part? 3 different condos share a single exit route. Really intend to bomb or put huge ass boulders so none of them could get out. As usual, developers just want the money, they don't give a damn about the environment or the future.

You can see no more greens in Puchong. It aint' the way it used to be where there were lots of trees. Now, it's all buildings and home.

~you know I hate these people~
Michelle May

Tuck Kee, Ipoh

It's a huge corner air conditioned restaurant. It's our MUST visit whenever we visit Ipoh! Here's why:
Yan Yan Cheh was coffee-less this morning... A bit cranky while waiting for the food!
NUMBER 1 REASON: Smoked duck breast! THE BEST! Dragon-I attempted something like this which was a bit pricey for 4 pieces only.
The MEANEST fried rice: Only 2 places serve the BEST fried rice, here's one and another is Din Tai Fung!
PORK VEINS: Good source of Choindroitin, good for the skin and nerve system. (has to be directly translated from Chinese.)
This time, the FRIED WHITE BAIT is too oily. Not very nice.

Tuck Kee Restaurant (non-halal)
1, Persiaran Tokong,
Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605 – 254 1906 / 241 9071
Opens for lunch and dinner daily.

~you know me now~
Michelle May

Foh San, Ipoh

Went to Ipoh for a day trip with Madre, Yan Yan, Serene and Candy. Decided to have Foh San for breakfast. Here's my review:

Pros: Good food. Lots of varieties of dim sum. Nice setting/ambience. Dim sum that's different from KL.

Cons: I don't know if it's just the Ipoh people are people that are in the restaurant. These people are just sitting there and talking while looking at everyone standing. These selfish, homeless chinks seriously have attitude problems. It's not just 1 table but numerous, everyone has finished eating and they just ignore everyone that's waiting for a table, even old people.

See, I told you that these Chinks are bloody selfish! Despite renovations, the place is still small. There's only so much they can fit into the building.

~you know I hate chinks~
Michelle May