Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff I Got

Got this ring from Padini, The Curve. I saw that it was 40MYR but with 50% off. Decided to get it and some stupid idiota at the cashier said that it was for members only and shit, so, I told him to show me where in the place, it mentioned that? He couldn't, so I got it for 20MYR! Lovely, right?

As I was walking past Diva, The Curve, I saw this really unique piece of work. If you haven't been to my room or read about it, you'll know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE birds!!! I'm a cuckoo and a "bird-brain". I got this lovely for 40MYR.

Guess who was FEMALE mag/LA glow Promo winner for Jan 2011??? ME, of course! I got these 2 perfumes and each perfume comes with an accessory! LA Glow came with a cocktail ring and Blue Glow came with an anklet!

Since I could play the recorder, I decided to "invest" in an Irish Tin Whistle or a Penny whistle. I got this one from Oak and it's D. It comes in C as well, but D is technically more commonly used. Sounds really good when I play "My Heart Will Go On" using it. Lots of tutorials available on YouTube. I learnt to play the Titanic OST on

Won a 200 MYR voucher from FEMALE mag and was super stoked. Got myself a TITUS "bling-bling" watch. Fancy scmancy, no?

FINALLY Guardian called me to collect my Chip toy! You know those redemption ones? I bersusah payah got so many people to shop at Guardian and finally managed to collect 65 stickers for this toy, and they didn't have stock so I waited for 1 month or so.

I'm really blessed to be able to win contests and stuff and got loads of musical instruments that I don't play. Currently, I have 1 electric guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 Ukulele, 1 Recorder, and my new toy; The Irish Tin Whistle.

I need to start playing them soon. If there's space, hope to get a drum set soon!

~you know music me~
Michelle May

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