Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Work is a Love/Hate Thing

I LOVE work because I have such amazing friends like Mingy and Mark and I love my job because I do AMAZING things. I meet tonnes of people and I get access to their whole like on resume. It's amazing if you're in the recruitment business.

I HATE jams that I have to go through EVERYDAY to get to work. These Puchong people, has no brains most of the time. The whole friggin LDP is jam and it's like 10 lanes before the toll to 5 lanes after the toll, so, just give way coz you ain't going any faster.

But you see, the uneducated ones are just so kiasu. They will purposely NOT give way to you if you put your indicator. When you just cut in front of them without your indicator, they get all upset and say, why didn't you use your indicator? Does it matter? you still won't let me go. Seriously, these people should be treated ala Rape of Nanking.

Need to go all Hitler and get rid of these low class uneducated selfish SOB Chinese people. Sometimes, I'm just so sick and tired of the bloody jam. It doesn't help that I have to go through it EVERY morning. And where are the police in the morning? probably still sleeping and they actually increased the toll from 1.20 (before) to 1.60 currently. There's a reason why we pay the toll. To have better access.

The developers of Puchong are selfish. That includes IOI. They keep clearing all the forest and keep developing every little land that Puchong has no more land. In Jalan Tiong alone, we used to enjoy hills and monkeys will be in their jungle and then, they decided to build 3 different condos and then monkeys started coming to the residential areas.

No idea how they got rid of the monkeys but there goes our nice cool hill. The best part? 3 different condos share a single exit route. Really intend to bomb or put huge ass boulders so none of them could get out. As usual, developers just want the money, they don't give a damn about the environment or the future.

You can see no more greens in Puchong. It aint' the way it used to be where there were lots of trees. Now, it's all buildings and home.

~you know I hate these people~
Michelle May

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