Thursday, April 28, 2011


I really can’t accept what I read nowadays. I’m beginning to despise mainstream media as well as independent media. Just how “independent” are they when they write bias rubbish and racial bullshit with the main objective of separating Malaysia. Corrupt ministers saying that they are doing all these racial crap to protect “their” people and their rights of “ketuanan Melayu”

Have they ever considered that it’s not what the younger generation wants? The younger generations are more interested in Justin Bieber, SuJu and Facebook than your “ketuanan Melayu”. Most Malays are educated and exposed to foreign influences and they notice that “ketuanan Melayu” does nothing to benefit them.

This is not 10-20 years ago where the people are stupid, uneducated and dumb and listens to everything that the Government says. Malaysia needs to learn from countries like Libya, Egypt and even Thailand. When people are being oppressed for far too long without any development, there will be turmoil.

Go to the nearby mamak or hang out at Starbucks and colleges, you can see that the younger, educated generations are not interested in being racially separated. We are friends, not because you, him or she is Malay, Indian or Chinese, we are friends because we’re Malaysians, we love to eat, we understand Manglish, we love ending our sentences with Lah, we love Justin Bieber and we’re all on facebook.

The older generations are the ones saying nasty things and attempting to separate everyone with ketuanan Melayu bullshit and creating a racial divide using race and religion. What makes Malaysia unique is that we can live in peace and we are multi racial.

I’m pretty sure all Malaysians have Chinese, Indians and Malay friends. My sisters are Indian and Malay and they’re family adopted me. We get along well teasing each other about our race and religion. We’re much more liberal when it comes to religion and race.

Stop using religion to separate us. We’re not that dense. Everyone has the right to a religion and either way you see it, we’re all going to burn in some other religion’s hell. Not a single religion encourages the followers to kill, cheat and womanize, so what makes a particular religion more supreme than others?

No religion teaches its followers to rage war against other religions, that’s just their individual interpretation of the Quran and the Bible, and personally, if you do believe in “jihad” or in the Holy War, then you’re not a Christian or a Muslim.

When I was taught about Islam by my Muslim friend from Turkmenistan, Islam is a religion of peace and cleanliness. Islam is all about cleaning your body and mind and it’s a beautiful religion. The people are fair, peaceful and accepting and most of all, gentle and kind.

Christianity on the other hand taught us to be Christ-like and to show the ultimate characteristic that no man can show; Forgiveness. Besides that, most Christians I know are generous, peace loving and very kind. The followers of both religions are always praying for the world and for peace.

Buddhism and Hinduism are more of the way of life rather than a religion. They practice respect for life, love for the world and also peace. You might wonder who am I to say all of this? Well, I was the President of Buddhism Society, Committee Member of Christian Fellowship, Sister and Friend to my Muslim sisters and family member to my Indian sister.

The Chinese are so busy working hard to make money that they are not bothered with your “ketuanan Melayu”, for years, the Chinese and the Indians have been living like second class citizens because it’s an understanding that the Malays are entitled to more privileges. Yet, none of them went all Libya or Egypt on Malaysia.

I don’t normally write these kinds of political pieces for the fear of the ISA but since everyone, namely, PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali did, and they should be arrested first before me. I’m also shocked to read that many people are against 1Bumi or “Ketuanan Melayu” based on the feedback.

All these talk about Muslim women having to satisfy their husband’s lust and 1Bumi, 1 Melayu are all cheap publicity stunts.We, the younger generation are upset that the Government is more interested in 1Malaysia e-mail, 100 storey Mega tower than the development of the nation mainly in; education and health which should be given a higher priority than asking most Malaysians that already has more than 1 e-mail account to sign up for a 1Malaysia e-mail that would benefit no one.

I’m appalled by the way these people manage the taxpayer’s money. We want to see our money used for development in technology, health and education rather than building more buildings or e-mails. We want to see more community based programs than cronyism and better education and healthcare than corruption.

Stop using race and religion to separate Malaysians and I think I say this on behalf of all Malaysians that we only want to see development, not cheap publicity, corrupt politicians and more people “jumping” off MACC building. We just want peace and to put Malaysia on the map of the world for all the right reasons.

At the end of the day, don’t we all love our nasi lemak, roti canai, dhal, nasi kandar, kuey teow and Astro? Don’t we all also love using our “Lah” that only fellow Malaysians understand and other distinguishes us as Malaysians? Let’s not be 1Cina, 1Melayu, 1India, let’s be more 1Malaysia-Lah!

~you know I'm politically right~
Michelle May

For those who are not quite into politics, I'm sorry. The next post will give you a glimpse of what's in my bag if you're interested. This post is merely for the purpose of illustrating and enforcing the idea of why I hate reading the newspaper and how reading the newspaper makes me mentally imbalanced.

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