Friday, April 15, 2011

Irish Tinwhistles

It comes in a clear box but according to the professionals, it's not good because it's very unhygienic and it encourages to growth of bacteria.
My current pennywhistle; Oak. I need to tune it, once I learn it. It's out of tune and it looks kinda bad now... *sad*
This lovely pack is from CLARKE Gold Meg & Learning Book and retails at £7.50

This beautiful one is CLARKE Original and the one that I want!!! This one costs £15.99
This green one costs £9.95 and it's the CLARKE Celtic This sexy one retails at £13.50 and it's the CLARKE Victorian. All CLARKE come in a beautiful gift box! Lovely as a present to yourself or for someone! *HINT*
This costs €7.50 and it's the Feadóg Black Whistle
Would love this as a gift, the Feadóg Triple Pack (Colour/Nickel "D") is only €14.50.
This is the Feadóg Brass Whistle in the Key of "D" and it retails for €5.50
For custom orders and the most beautiful hand made whistles, you HAVE TO GO TO: Colin Goldie I would love one from him but here is the PRICELIST.

I've always wanted to play an instrument somehow and I've always thought that flutes were very sexy. But since my parents were extremely lenient when it comes to developing my "musical talents", i'm musically retarded. (I like to think that my musical talents are not yet developed!)

So, decided to start from the very bottom which is the old school Yamaha Recorder and saw the lovely looking Oak Pennywhistle and thought that, If I could play the recorder, I can attempt to play a Pennywhistle that resembles a recorder. Bear in mind that I could only play Mary Had A Little Lamb with the recorder. I bought it from Euphony Musical at Ikano (now ipc) for 50MYR.

There's not many people who plays these type of Celtic instruments hence, it's not as common as guitars or pianos. I was on MC for 1 day and it took me 4 hours to learn My Heart Will Go On. Now, I can play it fluently. Somehow, it keeps me sane and relaxed. Since the whole toolbox incident, I've been home at 6.30PM and I have to devote 1 hour to play with it.

Hence, I feel in love with it and decided to get a slightly more expensive one. After much "investigating" on the web, I fell in love with the Overton. Irish Tinwhistles or Pennywhistles are fipple flutes which dates back to 1840 (England). The first ever pennywhistle was made by Robert Clarke (You can still find the brand Clarke now) and it comes in all sorts of keys (can be made to order with a particular tone by Colin Goldie/Overton)

The commonly played whistles are C and D. Personally, I prefer the D (and I have no idea how to read notes!) because Irish and Scottish music is played using it. It is simple to play but it's completely different from the recorder. I tend to practise on both just to be able to play 2 instruments.

Currently, I'm halfway through Amazing Grace. If I have the money, I would so custom order the Overton/Goldie but the cheapest costs around 154,70EURO (inc. of 19% VAT, exc. delivery) I had my eyes on a Feadóg but after many forums dissing it, I really don't know. Maybe I'm not as professional as them but hey, I play it for leisure! Youtube has tonnes of tutorials to help you as well! After Amazing Grace, my next song would be Annie's Song. Maybe my next buy would be a Classic Clarke. Read some pretty good reviews about it, plus it's affordable (15.99GBP/ 80MYR). If you're just like me, do give the Pennywhistle a try! It's easy and very entertaining. Will be able to upgrade to the flute in no time! I really pity my other neglected instruments! The 3 guitars and Ukulele. Will play with them once I've mastered the pennywhistle. Anyways, I've tried to solve the question of the superior choice between Nickel and brass. I came to a conclusion that it's a personal preference. The price difference is very small for the Feadóg range. (Brass= 5.50EURO, Nickel= 5.30EURO) For other brands however, brass is slightly more expensive but when you play it, the sweat on your fingers will slip and slide on the whistle while the nickel one is much more "stickier". I kinda prefer the nickel one but the only con is that, after frequent use, the "holes" will oxidise. For more interesting videos, you can YouTube James Galway. Pretty interesting guy, he even played for John Denver! ~you know musical me~ Michelle May xoox

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