Monday, April 25, 2011

Sereni and Shentel

The prettiest picture of us! Me, ShelbyBaby, Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee during the Blair event at M Concept, The Gardens.

Thanks to Shelby Baby for this picture! This is Sereni showing me options for grossgrain ribbons and pretty stones!

These are the new "Blair" which I have my hands on! Either than that, I kinda love all their stuff and if you're into shopping online, please drop Sereni and Shentel SHOP a visit or READ Sereni and Shentel...

Guess what's in this little Melium Bag that has my name on it? Brownie points to those who can spot "Michelle May"

I got the Melium Magazine, jam packed and filled with the finer art of living. In other words, the luxurious lifestyle with names, many people can't even pronounce!

See my lovely Royal Purple "Blair"? Handmade by Sereni and Shentel in Borneo and then sent to me!

I picked out the ribbons, the gemstones, the color coordination and the overall design of the head band!

For those who doesn't know Sereni and Shentel, you must be living under a rock. Sereni and Shentel are the next big thing in fashion. You can't help but to adore these Kuching sweethearts.

The have these quintesential approach that turns mundane, boring hairbands into a creative handmade explosion with beautiful colours, bright gems and daring combinations.

The colours are so cute and bright, it will brighten up your day immediately. I love wearing my Blair with some "neutral" coloured clothes. I love, love, love my Blair and I would really like another one in bright pink!!!

~you know luxurious me~
Michelle May

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