Monday, May 30, 2011

Art of Love

"I'm still learning the art of love, I'm still trying to not mess up, So whenever I stumble let me know, You need to spell it out, Cause I’m still trying to learn the art of love..." - Art of Love by Jordin Sparks ft. Guy Sebastian

When we're in love, everything is good and great, but when we fight, it's nasty as we don't think about what we're saying, we only want to hurt the other person. I'm not talking about a simple BF/GF relationship, I'm talking about relationships with everyone we love.

But in a BF/GF relationship, we choose to let it go and try to make it work because we love the other person. But it's not as easy as it sound. There's other factors such as pride. But I like to think that 2 person are on this adventure called "Relationship" together, so...

"Sometimes I’m gonna miss
I’m still learning how to give
I’m not giving up
I’m still learning how to love"

When I'm pissed at someone I try very hard to remember the way I felt when we weren't fighting. I try thinking about the way he loves me so much and makes me laugh. But when it comes to my mother, I try and remember about everything that she did and sacrificed for me.

It's not easy because I have too much pride. But then again, pride doesn't get you anywhere! When you're lonely, you're going to be very sorry about what you've said and wishing that you could take it back.

Before I go, this post is just me being emo to my current fav song which is Art of Love. Just got me thinking. Anyways, here's a quote to keep you going:

I'll take fights over loneliness anytime.

~you know you I don't mean it~
Michelle May

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