Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Babies and Dogs

Been watching a lot of videos about how babies and dogs interact and it's so amazingly cute to see these dogs getting along well with babies. These videos just made my day... I keep smiling whenever I see it!

Of course, as parents we have to supervise and make sure that the baby and dog doesn't get too rough with each other. Most importantly, you have to keep a watchful eye on the dog because they might show signs of aggresion.

These videos are my favourites because it just shows that animals and humans are able to get along. It is when humans become selfish, arrogant and mean that this beautiful symbiosis goes wrong.

I would want my babies (1 boy and 1 girl) to get along with Dobermans, Rotts and St. Bernards (my fav breeds!) and I want to raise them in such an environment where they will respect and love animals as well as the environment.

Children nowadays, sad to say that parents have gone sick in the head. Traditional values are no longer imposed rather, ways to turn children into adults. Kids no longer have the time to be kids! There's no time for play. It's always tuition, music classes, swimming, taekwondo, ballet, mandarin.

It's nauseating. I grew up visiting zoos, animal parks, petting and loving animals, where my parents taught me to donate money to help other children and i'm taught to reduce electricity and plastic usage and lead a green life.

Being around with animals so much, I learnt to respect them. It comes to a point where I could touch anything. Stray dogs, snakes, anything. This is called proper upbringing. Even the Buddhist teaching was to respect all forms of life.

I see children, throwing stones at animals, kicking cats, stepping on them, putting them in ovens, and when I went to the elephant sanctuary, children are throwing peanut shells into the elephant enclosures. People nowadays are disgusting and horrible that they make me sick.

I vow to bring my child up the way I was brought up and I'm thankful to have such great parents.

~you know me~
Michelle May

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