Sunday, May 08, 2011

Coach Bags from USA!!

Padrekins got these bags for me and Madrekins because well, Padrekins is cool like that! LOL! I think he felt guilty cause he's back in New York and went to Philly, Canada and Washington while we stayed at home.

Anyways, he got these at a discount. The bags costs 398USD, 328USD and 228USD respectively but it was 30% off and Padrekins won some money gambling, so it was his present for us.

He got us the 3 bags, and 2 coin purses... I have to be a good girl and share with Madrekins! Anyways, I do love, love them!!! They're fresh off the plane, air flown to my doorstep! LOL! I think I just described Sakae's fresh air flown salmon!!!

But, But, but, I really want the Mulberry Bayswater (Bright Cabbage
/ Hot Pink) and Kate Spade Paley Paisley Small Karen and the very funky Kate Spade Tropica Jezibel

Nice right?

~you know I love coach~
Michelle May

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