Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Deerland, Lanchang

Deerland is a little petting farm that is located in Lanchang, about 45 mins after Bentong. It's around 6MYR per entry, per person. This place differs from the zoo because you could actually feed, play and touch some of the animals.

I love the hungry deers that looks at you with those big eyes begging for potatoes from you. (Everyone will be given 1 basket of potatoes to feed the deers!) and after that, you can see beautiful birds. Peacocks and exotic birds.

Then, you can feed little baby chicks and it's so ticklish! After that, you can carry the huge snake if you're not afraid to be it's final meal! Then, the highlight of the whole place, you can touch a Malayan Sun Bear!!! How often can you touch a full grown bear?!!

It's super cool and super entertaining. Families and anyone who loves animals would definitely love it. The animals are kept in a clean surrounding and surprisingly, no stinky smell cause it's clean like that!

~you animal~
Michelle May

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