Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dini's Wedding

Isn't everything just lovely? The pelamin and the lovely couple.
This is Dina, Dini's sister and we used to be buddies back then... Gosh! I missed her!
Gues who else I met?? My lovely cousins Ilylia and Nabila! This is our konon-konon "family picture"
They had this rich, decadent chocolate cake. Just a simple makan makan.

On Thursday, I got robbed as I was in my garden. I was so pissed and if I had a weapon, I would have killed the person. I swear. I technically lost everything in my Charles & Keith bag. I had a lot of memories because my mom bought me that bag as my Starting Work gift and Nokia E72 was also a gift from her and so is my Fossil wallet.

It's so fucked up because these people just wanted money. They could have just threw my cards back to me but instead, they threw my cards at the side of the road in Bangsar like it was some rubbish. I pray that karma will go back to them 1000 X fold.

My IC/ License/ DiGi sim card/ MBB Debit and even 1Card has been replaced FOC. Unfortunately, extremely disappointed with Juiceworks, Dorothy Perkins who refused to replaced my card on compassionate grounds even when I produced my police report. They still wanted me to pay for their cards. Fuck them, heartless motherfuckers.

Anyways, It's been a hectic and busy weekend. Weddings, out-station-ing, baptism-ing... Just wanted to say that albeit all these shit, I still managed to have fun. I had a good time at Dini's wedding. We've been friends since Form 2. She's one of the nicest prefect in school. The sweetest, in fact.

I'm so happy for her. She's so brave to tie the knot and she's blessed as I can see that they love each other very much.

you know me~
Michelle May

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