Sunday, May 08, 2011

Levain, KL

Insisted that I wanna visit this place after Kathy Lee Seul Ki posted pictures of macaroons and cakes from here that got my mouth watering. Plus, it has her two thumbs up for macaroons!

I love macaroons. I'm very hard to impress and to me, the perfect macaroon has to be crisp on the outside, a little chewy in the centre and the filing in the centre that holds 2 macaroons together has to be just right!

Well, the macaroons here are just nice. But i somehow prefer the cake. I had the Noisette which was halzelnut Dacquoise, Dark Mousse and Pralinosa Mousse. All pastries in this post costs a total of 30MYR.

But as I was happily taking pictures, they don't allow pictures in here, coz they're stuck up like that... I don't think anyone of us are such brilliant people to reproduce a bread/pastries based on a picture. There were a few camera toting people that was disappointed as well.

I've always mentioned this, why spend so much money on renovation and decoration if you don't allow people to take pictures? Anyways, too bad. But if you do wanna find out more, visit Levain

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Michelle May

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