Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Went to MP over the weekend to club. Marketplace is different and the people there are like, super friendly and it's the safest place for me. Do you know what I mean now?

I met a few of my very old friends, especially my Paullie Wallie
which I haven't met in like, AGES!!! Super miss him like, tonnes!!! I think I last saw him was about 3-4 years ago! He's still the same ol' super bitchy him!

Just took some time off to chill, drink, enjoy the company of good friends and just catch up and bitch about other people. Hahaha! These guys are amazing! Unlike normal clubs, I considered myself very well behaved. No stripping, no being drunk and no flashing!

And yes, I didn't forget about the post I owe you... The wedding one. Will do it soon okies?

~you know me love it~
Michelle May

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