Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Watched the preview screening of The Pirates yesterday at 1 Utama thanks to
female Mag Malaysia and I've been a fan of the pirates installments and man, I'm crazy for Captain Jack Sparrow!! He's funny, eccentric, sarcastic and dirty!

If I wasn't all grown up already, I would want to be a female pirate like Anjelica (Penelope Cruz) and go on adventures around the 7 seas. Anyways, this time, Pirates is focused more on Captain Jack Sparrow and his quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

Along with Captain Barbossa and the Spanish armada and Blackbeard and his daughter Anjelica, everyone has their own agenda. Capt. Barbossa wants to kill Blackbeard for revenge for his Black Pearl, the Spanish wants to destroy the fountain because they believed that one should have faith in Catholism while Capt Jack Sparrow was somehow entangled in the whole adventure.

There's pretty but dangerous mermaids, a holy man and non stop actions and comedy from Capt Jack Sparrow. I really loved this movie and I didn't miss what'shisface? and Keira Knightley. I truly enjoyed myself if the seats wasn't like, the 3rd row from the screen.

I loved, loved, loved, Captain Jack Sparrow even more after the movie. Anyways, security that night was super tight. Cell phones have to be kept in a "locker" and all sorts of body checks before you could even enter the cinema. It's like GSC is under a lock-down.

~you know imma pirate~
Michelle May

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