Monday, June 27, 2011

Martin Solveig

My current playlist includes Martin Solveig. His more popular song would be Hello feat Dragonette. I got introduced to Martin by my Brother.

I have a weakness for songs with crazy beats. I don't like LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem but the beats are wicked and I can feel it in my bones. I WILL shuffle whenever I hear that song!

My fav Martin Solveig song would be Jealousy feat Lee Fields. I love the touch of soul and jazz and it's bad.... Lovin' it!!!

~you know you feel me~
Michelle May

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's All About Santana

Santana - Maria Maria

Carlos Santana - Oye Como Va

Carlos Santana Feat. Steven Tyler - Just Feel Better

Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman

Shakira Feat. Carlos Santana - Illegal

Carlos Santana Feat. Chad Kroeger - Why Don't You and I?

Been crazy for Carlos Santana since last month and been playing his album / playlist NON STOP EVERYDAY from 8AM-6PM at work.

Still can't get enough of him... Damn! The way he plays the guitar is enough to turn me on and it's also extremely orgasmic. My personal fav song would be Just Feel Better where I can feel every pick of his guitar in my soul!

I grew up listening to Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles, Deep Purple and Carlos Santan with Padre. Mother's taste in music when I was growing up was too boring! It was more like Living Next Door to Alice, Don't Cry Joni, Tell Laura I Love Her.

You know what's our (Padre, The Bro and I) favourite movie of ALL TIME??? Guess!!! SCHOOL OF ROCK!!! Wwe've watched EVERY SINGLE RERUN ON ASTRO!!! Believe it or not! We laugh at the same jokes much to The Mother's dismay! She's sick and tired of that movie!!!

Padre's choices were more cooler because he's into jazz, soft rock and all things rock. But now, I'm so in love with Carlos Santana and will continue playing every single one of his songs till I'm utterly sick and tired of him!

Anyways, here are some of his videos and songs. Those popular ones. heehee.

~you know I rock~
Michelle May

Monday, June 20, 2011

Miche's Shoppe

Dear All,

I decided to venture into business by selling all my clothes to buy new ones! LOL! To support my endeavour, do visit Miche Shoppe to buy ORIGINAL, BRAND NEW clothes from all over the place.

The only reason I'm selling them off is because I no longer fit into them because I "put on a few lil kgs" (10KGS to be exact!) You know, office work, sit, eat, sit, eat.

My aunt fed me really well in Aussie and after 7 months, I'm truly fattened! These are clothes which I bought in Singapore and Aussie which I didn't have a chance to even wear!!!

I will miss them terribly but I'm actually saving up to buy a Macbook Air and I kinda need the money. I can tell you now, that it's not cheap because these clothes are branded and brand new (unless stated otherwise) and if you want the tag, I can attach it back to their respective garments.

I've been naughty as well, I keep buying 2-3 clothes/shoes EVERY WEEKEND I go shopping with Mother, Yan Yan and Candy. I know I'm spoilt but you know, a girl's gotta do what a girl gotta do.

Right now, I've listed only 3 items and it's Roxy, Billabong and Esprit. Coming soon will be from Valleygirl, Cotton On, Tom Tailor, etc... All in 1 piece, 1 size and it's on a first come, first served basis. Do support me, really appreciate it!


~you know you shoppe me~
Michelle May

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I MISS St. Angel!!!

Boo Boo The Abandoned Mixed Breed

This is Cubie the St. Bernard

RIP: Baldy The Bulldog

Fuzzy Bunny The Lion Head Bunny

Baby The British Shorthair

Turboman The Doberman

Jojo The Poodle

New Born Baby Bulldog

Looking at these pictures, I really miss St. Angel. I miss all the animals, I miss being around them and I miss feeling fulfilled. As in, the fulfilled feeling that you're helping these animals. I really want to go back to St. Angel but I need to face reality as well.

I could still remember all their names, Amy The Oversized Pug, Tiger The Orange Persian, Blacky The LongHaired Cat, Jojo The British Shorthair, Brownie The Guinea Pig, Pany The Spoilt Rabbit and so many more.

I miss the rabbits, the cats, the dogs, and occasionally the Guinea pigs, snakes and the feathered varieties. I really miss the animal health business.

Michelle, you should have studied hard and studied to be a vet instead of all those useless degree from Murdoch. If I could only turn back the time, I would have studied real hard in high school and become Dr. Michelle by now.

Anyways, I guess I will have to visit the clinic occasionally so Baby The British Shorthair won't miss me so much. He refuses to go back into his cage once I'm carrying him, He could even fall asleep in my arms. He's spoilt, really.

Boo Boo is one of me and Dr. Eunisa's proudest achievement. Boo Boo was abandoned outside the clinic covered in lice and tummy bloated and filled with intestinal worms. We both took him as our own and took care of him until he was ready for adoption. I was wearily looking for people to adopt him and Chee Fong was looking for a dog. As you can see, he's plump and big now!

Mimi The Guinea Pig is pregnant again. I told my mom that she will give birth end of June/beginning July. We'll see how it goes. Hope they're all safe and God Bless.

~you miss animal me~
Michelle May

Parcel from Ilmenau!

Guess what FINALLY made it to my home after months??? My parcel all the way from Ilmenau!! Remember my rantings in my previous post about parcels? My proof is right here!

After tearing off the grey paper, I got this!! The sweetest part is the post card, made me miss Nuha even more and yet excited about her return soon!

Upon opening (after much difficulties!) the box, here's the highlight of the whole parcel!!! My bottle of Jägermeister!!! But... That's not all!!!

It comes with 2 frosted Jägermeister shot glass! The bottle of Jägermeister came in the tin container! That explained how it survived the long trip all the way from Germany!

Anyways, call me a child or whatever you want because I get super,duper excited over parcels! I love ripping those paper off to reveal gifts!! Hence, I love Christmas and birthdays! Unfortunately, over the years, The Parentals stop wrapping my gift and I rarely get to tear paper open!

For those who have not a single idea what is Jägermeister, Here's an excerpt of " What's Jägermeister?"

"Jägermeister is a German made digestif to aid digestion consisting of 56 herb and spices such as fruits, roots, citrus peel, liquorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries and ginseng."

I'm planning to make:

1) Jägerdew (Jägermeister + Mountain Dew)
2) Jägermonster (Jägermeister + Orange Juice)
3) Surfer On Acid (Jägermeister + Malibu Rum + Pineapple Juice)
4) Black President (Jägermeister + Coke)

~You know I'm alco~
Michelle May

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Joys of Parcels!

Guess what's in my house, in this little parcel?

A little brown box! Hmmm... I wonder, what's inside? It has my name on it, I should open it, right?

Oooh! It's a Sereni & Shentel black bag! By now, my hands were trembling!

What do you think? Does my Mini Ice Ice Baby in Jade matches my cheongsam?

It's subtle but eye catching enough? I love the bling and the Jade green is sooo absolutely gorgeous!

Now my Custom Royal Blair has a company!! She needn't be so lonely in the cupboard anymore!

Sorry for the picture quality, the Blair in Daffodil is actually BRIGHT yellow not, mustard.

Eat your hearts out! Lovin every single one of them!!!

What I received: Block Party in Navy (Will be given to Mingy!), Blair in Daffodil and Mini Ice Ice Baby in Jade! This set costs 200 MYR.

I need to admit that I'm an online shop whore but I'm an online shopping noob. I love shopping online, by that, I mean, I just like looking at their clothes and stuff. But I've never really bought anything online because of you know, shipping, and internet scams and lastly, screwed up POS!!

I've had a friend whoose brother sent her a bracelet and a book 2 months ago from the US of A and till now, have yet to receive it. When she called POS MY, they said they cannot be held liable and all sorts of BS.

There's so many horror stories and my parcel from my friend in Germany hasn't arrive after 6 months. We could only think about all these cases of the missing parcels. Well, I was skeptical at first, when I buy from websites. I was also skeptical about buying from Sereni & Shentel.

However, I couldn't contain my excitement when I received a parcel yesterday. OMG! I clearly DO NOT know the joys of opening a parcel! I tore everything right off like it was my birthday and I was sooooo happy to have my hairbands!!!

Girl, I believe every girl SHOULD own at least 1 Sereni & Shentel Hairband. At least a Blair. Seriously. I love their hairbands, but my next purchase will be from Evita Peroni. I used to wear Evita Peroni many years ago because my aunt *HEARTS* Evita Peroni.

If it wasn't Evita Peroni, it wasn't good enough. Needless to say, my aunt spoilt me rotten. Anyways, just wanted to buy my first Evita Peroni using my money and not hers. LOL! Have a good week ahead because I'm terribly tired.

~you know me well~

Michelle May


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Henry Cats & Friends

This lovely and adorable mug was 45 MYR. I loved it so much but I could only afford to buy 1!

I fell in love with this umbrella. It cost around 130MYR. I bought it because I do need an umbrella!

The rest below, are really cute stuff which I don't mind owning from there. You can view the full range HERE.

I spent close to a hundred at Henry Cats & Friends last weekend. I bought 2 vouchers from Groupon and it was 25MYR for a 50MYR voucher. Man, I'm lovin Groupon. Groupon is seriously the latest way to shop!

Henry Cats & Friends is founded by Henry Lee from Taiwan and he started off as painting images on stone. Trust me, it's a mean feat because I've attempted to do so but I gave up. Those rocks are difficult to paint! And I was just painting flowers on them!

Anyways, I love love Henry Cats because the characters are so cute! They have everything you could ever imagine! There's mouse pad, tumblers, card holders, aprons, cushions, umbrella, etc.

Each theme has a story to it and by far, my favourite theme is the Cherry Blossom Collection. Lots of Sakura flowers and cats every where. They adorn cups, tumblers, files and etc.

All pictures credit to Henry Cats & Friends.

You can find them here:
Bangsar Village Kiosk
Bangsar Village 1,
1st Floor, Lot F-K4,
Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2283 6333

P.S: The girl was very friendly and patient. Would love to go back there.

~you know I like cute~
Michelle May

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tanni Session with The Korean and The Filipino!

Meet Kathy (The Korean Girl) and Bene (The Filipino)!! My fav people in the world!

Isn't my Patrick Boo big now? He's so cute walking around with his big fat butt! So darn adorable.

I kinda like this dress from Kitchen (50MYR) but I bought too many clothes these past 2 weeks that I was prohibited from spending any more on clothes.

Had so much of fun at La Bodega with Kathy and Mr. Bene at Pavillion. Bitching, having fun, talking about everything under the sun. Was a really good night. Oh, and German beers and lots of it!!!

~you know me loves it~
Michelle May

Told you I was a Singapore Girl.

I've always enjoyed Singapore, can't believe that a DEVELOPED country is right at the side of this God forsaken country. Clean, educated and waaaay better than this country.

Don't worry Malaysia, I will leave you faster than you can say "Abandoned Ship!" I'm sick and tired of reading the papers everyday about how you went from bad to worst. I'm sorry that I'm gonna be like the millions of EDUCATED Malaysians that will leave and take their families with them and not regretting my actions.

I'm sorry that I'm not like the handful of young Malaysians who will fight to make a difference. I'm sorry to say that I just want a better life without all the fights because the world is constantly at war. I'm sorry that I do not feel any remorse about leaving you.

I know you're going to be sorry when the majority of us leave and left you to die. But then again, I'm not sorry to leave these unruly politicians, crazy uneducated people, third world country mentality, low class, and all sorts of problems that come with Malaysia.

I'm sorry for not being sorry at all.

~~you know I'mma leaving~
Michelle May