Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hiong Kong Restoran, Pudu Plaza

This is the stuffed charbroiled duck. Once you cut the duck open, there's rice and chestnuts and etc. The heavy broth makes the duck meat soft and tender.

This is pork intestines deep fried and sliced thinly. Mother said it's very crunchy and the salt and pepper makes it delicious.

This is pork trotters. You know the hoof of the pig. It's huge and the sauce is very nice.

This is the appetizer; Salad lobster, Prawn fritters, Yam Basket, Fish balls, mince chicken, sliced abalone.

Plain old veggies to balance all the other expensive food out.

This is abalone in thick broth and is served with duck's web.

This the the starter to all the weird food. This is fish lips in sharkfin's soup broth. It's not really shark's fin, it's more like the fake shark's fin.

I had a taste of bizarre food with The Parentals, Aunty Margeret, Uncle Jackson and 6 other of their friends from Singapore. I miss Margeret Ah Yee and she bought everyone dinner at Pudu Plaza.

I'm Chinese but I rarely eat bizarre food and to me, Chinese eat the most bizarre things ever! Needless to say, I didn't eat much that dinner. In Chinese, bizarre food is called "yeh mei".


~you know I don't~
Michelle May

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