Thursday, June 16, 2011

I MISS St. Angel!!!

Boo Boo The Abandoned Mixed Breed

This is Cubie the St. Bernard

RIP: Baldy The Bulldog

Fuzzy Bunny The Lion Head Bunny

Baby The British Shorthair

Turboman The Doberman

Jojo The Poodle

New Born Baby Bulldog

Looking at these pictures, I really miss St. Angel. I miss all the animals, I miss being around them and I miss feeling fulfilled. As in, the fulfilled feeling that you're helping these animals. I really want to go back to St. Angel but I need to face reality as well.

I could still remember all their names, Amy The Oversized Pug, Tiger The Orange Persian, Blacky The LongHaired Cat, Jojo The British Shorthair, Brownie The Guinea Pig, Pany The Spoilt Rabbit and so many more.

I miss the rabbits, the cats, the dogs, and occasionally the Guinea pigs, snakes and the feathered varieties. I really miss the animal health business.

Michelle, you should have studied hard and studied to be a vet instead of all those useless degree from Murdoch. If I could only turn back the time, I would have studied real hard in high school and become Dr. Michelle by now.

Anyways, I guess I will have to visit the clinic occasionally so Baby The British Shorthair won't miss me so much. He refuses to go back into his cage once I'm carrying him, He could even fall asleep in my arms. He's spoilt, really.

Boo Boo is one of me and Dr. Eunisa's proudest achievement. Boo Boo was abandoned outside the clinic covered in lice and tummy bloated and filled with intestinal worms. We both took him as our own and took care of him until he was ready for adoption. I was wearily looking for people to adopt him and Chee Fong was looking for a dog. As you can see, he's plump and big now!

Mimi The Guinea Pig is pregnant again. I told my mom that she will give birth end of June/beginning July. We'll see how it goes. Hope they're all safe and God Bless.

~you miss animal me~
Michelle May

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