Friday, June 24, 2011

It's All About Santana

Santana - Maria Maria

Carlos Santana - Oye Como Va

Carlos Santana Feat. Steven Tyler - Just Feel Better

Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman

Shakira Feat. Carlos Santana - Illegal

Carlos Santana Feat. Chad Kroeger - Why Don't You and I?

Been crazy for Carlos Santana since last month and been playing his album / playlist NON STOP EVERYDAY from 8AM-6PM at work.

Still can't get enough of him... Damn! The way he plays the guitar is enough to turn me on and it's also extremely orgasmic. My personal fav song would be Just Feel Better where I can feel every pick of his guitar in my soul!

I grew up listening to Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles, Deep Purple and Carlos Santan with Padre. Mother's taste in music when I was growing up was too boring! It was more like Living Next Door to Alice, Don't Cry Joni, Tell Laura I Love Her.

You know what's our (Padre, The Bro and I) favourite movie of ALL TIME??? Guess!!! SCHOOL OF ROCK!!! Wwe've watched EVERY SINGLE RERUN ON ASTRO!!! Believe it or not! We laugh at the same jokes much to The Mother's dismay! She's sick and tired of that movie!!!

Padre's choices were more cooler because he's into jazz, soft rock and all things rock. But now, I'm so in love with Carlos Santana and will continue playing every single one of his songs till I'm utterly sick and tired of him!

Anyways, here are some of his videos and songs. Those popular ones. heehee.

~you know I rock~
Michelle May

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