Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Joys of Parcels!

Guess what's in my house, in this little parcel?

A little brown box! Hmmm... I wonder, what's inside? It has my name on it, I should open it, right?

Oooh! It's a Sereni & Shentel black bag! By now, my hands were trembling!

What do you think? Does my Mini Ice Ice Baby in Jade matches my cheongsam?

It's subtle but eye catching enough? I love the bling and the Jade green is sooo absolutely gorgeous!

Now my Custom Royal Blair has a company!! She needn't be so lonely in the cupboard anymore!

Sorry for the picture quality, the Blair in Daffodil is actually BRIGHT yellow not, mustard.

Eat your hearts out! Lovin every single one of them!!!

What I received: Block Party in Navy (Will be given to Mingy!), Blair in Daffodil and Mini Ice Ice Baby in Jade! This set costs 200 MYR.

I need to admit that I'm an online shop whore but I'm an online shopping noob. I love shopping online, by that, I mean, I just like looking at their clothes and stuff. But I've never really bought anything online because of you know, shipping, and internet scams and lastly, screwed up POS!!

I've had a friend whoose brother sent her a bracelet and a book 2 months ago from the US of A and till now, have yet to receive it. When she called POS MY, they said they cannot be held liable and all sorts of BS.

There's so many horror stories and my parcel from my friend in Germany hasn't arrive after 6 months. We could only think about all these cases of the missing parcels. Well, I was skeptical at first, when I buy from websites. I was also skeptical about buying from Sereni & Shentel.

However, I couldn't contain my excitement when I received a parcel yesterday. OMG! I clearly DO NOT know the joys of opening a parcel! I tore everything right off like it was my birthday and I was sooooo happy to have my hairbands!!!

Girl, I believe every girl SHOULD own at least 1 Sereni & Shentel Hairband. At least a Blair. Seriously. I love their hairbands, but my next purchase will be from Evita Peroni. I used to wear Evita Peroni many years ago because my aunt *HEARTS* Evita Peroni.

If it wasn't Evita Peroni, it wasn't good enough. Needless to say, my aunt spoilt me rotten. Anyways, just wanted to buy my first Evita Peroni using my money and not hers. LOL! Have a good week ahead because I'm terribly tired.

~you know me well~

Michelle May


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