Sunday, June 12, 2011

Told you I was a Singapore Girl.

I've always enjoyed Singapore, can't believe that a DEVELOPED country is right at the side of this God forsaken country. Clean, educated and waaaay better than this country.

Don't worry Malaysia, I will leave you faster than you can say "Abandoned Ship!" I'm sick and tired of reading the papers everyday about how you went from bad to worst. I'm sorry that I'm gonna be like the millions of EDUCATED Malaysians that will leave and take their families with them and not regretting my actions.

I'm sorry that I'm not like the handful of young Malaysians who will fight to make a difference. I'm sorry to say that I just want a better life without all the fights because the world is constantly at war. I'm sorry that I do not feel any remorse about leaving you.

I know you're going to be sorry when the majority of us leave and left you to die. But then again, I'm not sorry to leave these unruly politicians, crazy uneducated people, third world country mentality, low class, and all sorts of problems that come with Malaysia.

I'm sorry for not being sorry at all.

~~you know I'mma leaving~
Michelle May

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