Monday, July 25, 2011

Annyeong Haseyo Hwangsil Jeong-Won (Hwangsil Garden)

I finally tried Korean BBQ eventhough I think it's over-rated with Daorae and the likes of it. I've never wanted to try Korean food but I love Indian, Mediterranean, Lebanese, Arab, French, Shanghainese, Italian, Spanish, Malay and generally I love all types of food, even Japanese.

I swear that the Japanese makes the most wicked tempura and nothing fries better than Panko. I have virtually no problems with Japanese food. Korean food on the other hand is an acquired taste.

No, I enjoy spicy food but I have no liking for kimchi. I do love a good wasabi though. I love good food, my friends from all over the world makes really good food and brings them to me. I've had Turkmenistan's Plov and Nigerian's Plaintain.

One of my best friend is Korean and surprisingly, even she prefers Western food and tapas to Korean. She's a huge fan of La Bodega. I guess, I'm just not a fan of Korean food. The only thing I occasionally enjoy is the Korean seafood pancake.

Anyways, Hwangsil is located at Neo Damansara. If you're familiar with La Gomera, it's in the same vicinity. We ordered pork back and pork loin and it was ok. It tasted like the pork bacon that Mom used to buy from Meaty/Tesco.

I like fuss free dining and Korean comes with lots of tiny dishes filled with tiny stuff and I think it's pretentious and snobby. I'm not used to stuff like that and like Arab/Lebanese food, I love the dips and they aren't as pretentious as Korean food.

Personally, eating Korean food is like the first dinner with your girlfriend's family. Difficult to swallow, pretentious and most of all, you feel as if you're worthless and classless.

I wrote this back in July 25, 2011 and presently, it's March 21, 2012 and I've ate here almost 3 times a month and I realized that Korean food is actually an acquired taste. Right now, I feel that most food are bland without kimchi and I love kimchi!!!

Currently, I finish 2 whole servings of kimchi every meal here. The BF even loves this place that the food is spicy and delicious. The only time I ever eat vegetables will be here... The BBQ goes real great with the fresh lettuce!!! The family also loves this place.

The bro finished 5 baskets of lettuce with BBQ most of the time.... I learnt the small portions and healthy cooking options are very much appreciated. Now, This happens to be one of my favourite restaurants!!!!

And it helps if the owner and his son has great PR and the people there makes us feel like family.

Unit F-1-01, Block F, Neo Damansara,
No.1, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, P
etaling Jaya, Selangor 47820

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Michelle May

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