Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happiness/ Shopping

I'm a very happy girl. I thank God all the time for blessing me. I thank God for being able to wake up in the mornings and do the simplest tasks such as brushing my teeth, putting on my clothes and eating.

The life we live is very fragile. God has the power to take it all away. In a split second, He can take away your family, your loved ones and even your life. I'm gratefula and if I have to do something everyday, that would be praying and being grateful. AMEN.

But here's some stuff that makes me happy....

I loved this dress from Promod. The only reason I didn't buy it was because instead of beige, the clothe looks like someone spilled coffee all over it! if not, it's a lovely dress!

I bought this nighty from Debenhams. I'm lovin all these Mega Sales. It's sweet and sexy and I love, love it!

I wanted to buy this dress from Kitchen. But I'm pragmatic, I don't think I will ever wear a white maxi dress out without looking like a bride. Hmmm...

I really, really wanted to get this because I'm superficial like this! I'm very obsessive about aging. In fact, I just wanna delay it till I'm 60 years old!

Instead, I bought Vichy product because it was a trial/promo thing. Vichy products are made in France and they uses only the best natural products. I love the Tri-Activ Anti Imperfection Hydrating Care because it's light and it's super absorbent. I'm obsessed with my skin but I don't like the whole spending time and money on my skin thing.

I'm always in the rush in the mornings, so, I would appreciate a miracle cream that tackles aging, imperfections, sun block upon a single application. Back to the Vichy cream, I would recommend this to anyone. When I put on my foundation, it glides on smoother!

I keep having dry and chapped lips from being confined to an air con environment so I thought would give this a try because I'm a sucker for all things pink and floral and the tube is just too cute! I like it but the color changed and it's too dark. I like it slightly pink not obvious pink!

Guess who got this for me? You'll never guess! It's terribly difficult to buy Gary but somehow, this Gary is mine!!! All mine!!! *HUGS*

I even got Mr. Krabs. A pressie from Mommy. You know, I've never bought any of these SpongeBob toys! They were all gifts!

SpongeBob is a gift from Darry, Patrick is a gift from Chynar, Mr. Krabs is a gift from Madre and Gary is well, a gift!

I'm a very happy and blessed girl. Thank you Lord for everything and I'm very grateful. I love You, Amen.

~you know I'm happy~
Michelle May

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