Monday, January 23, 2012

My Art on Nails

22/12-7/01, For Wicked the musical, I painted my nails, Wickedly Green! Green nail polish from The Face Shop. I love this color because it's bright and the paint spread easily.
For the week of 31/10/2011, I'm wearing "Springflowers" on my nails. Like it? It's exactly the same application and effect like Sally Hansen's Salon Effects but a fraction of the price. You can find lots of designs at Stardust, Fahrenheit, KL. Price: 18.90MYR.

This week's nail is all thanks to Sally Hansen. Got this box of Saloon Effects strips and I swear by them!! The best part? Lotsa design too!! But I'm waiting till Christmas for MORE designs to get shipped to Malaysia. It's really easy and super fast. (Perfect for people like me!)
(31/7/2011- 6/8/2011)Did my nails this weekend and this is OPI 450 Panda-monium Pink! Cute and sweet?

(23/7/2011-30/7/2011)Snow White: Tale of Terror. You know, when the wicked step mother dipped the apple into the poison and chanted, "As red as blood, as white as snow"

(16/7/2011-23/7/2011)Bonjour: My perfect Frenchie. Pretty or not??? Looks so clean cut!

Madre's Orange Sorbet done by me!!! It's actually a quirky reverse Frenchie.

(9/7/2011-16/7/2011)This is my royal flush!!! Same concept as the Frenchie but I love the burst of rebellious color than the classic French manicure's clean cut!

It was a bored weekend and I just splurged on some Rimmel nail colours. I bought a whole lot of 60 Seconds Nail Polish.

Here's the ones I used:
1) Lycra French Manicure
2) Rimmel Whitener
3) Rimmel Nail Rescue
4) 285 Style Hunter
5) 615 Fast & Fuchsia
6) 430 Coralicious

I'm thinking of getting more! Check Rimmel London out for more products or you can get them from Watson's or Parkson, 1 Utama. They're range are affordable (hence, I bought 6 bottles and counting) and I just love the quality of their products.

It spreads out well, not think or gunky, the colours last really long and remains as bright as the day you first applied it and I swear by Rimmel Nail Rescue. Use it for 14 days and read the directionsto achieve desired results.

More to come!

~you know arty me~
Michelle May

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