Monday, July 11, 2011

White & Brown

After much drama (on my part!) Mimi FINALLY gave birth on the exact due date I picked. I told Madre that she'll give birth by Sunday (10th July 2011) and Padre was so excited that he woke the whole house up at 8AM on a Sunday!

Well, we always welcome new additions into Patrick's little family! We love them to bits!!! They even have the loveliest names! Oh, Say "HELLO" to Christmas, Easter and Grace.

Christmas because it's my favourite holiday...EVER! I love presents and the reds, greens and winter theme! Christmas reminds me of well, Christmas! One side of it's ears is black, the other is brown and the face is white! Cutest thing!

Easter is named Easter because I love the family concept of Easter. Where we used to visit Padre's family in N9. Besides, Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead and Easter is another of my fav because I love chocolates and the Easter bunny! *hop*

Grace is the most exquisite name because the only Christian song that can touch my heart and make me feel every note is Amazing Grace. I cannot describe that sense of sadness and heart wrenching feeling whenever I listen to Amazing Grace.

Well, They are the sweetest little creatures ever! They even behave like real babies. They actually fall asleep in your palms if you keep stroking them and they love to cuddle together or with Momma Mimi.

Patrick on the other hand, is a tad confused about them. He's being very silly. Refusing to be near them whatsoever and runs and hides whenever they accidentally wander near him. AND, he pouts unhappily in his little hut!

Madre is so excited and happy. She loves them to bits! Gonna buy a new cage for Patrick. So, do contact me if you want home bred Guinea Pigs. Not interested in selling them but if you think you can provide a home, hay, fresh fruits and food and comfortable bedding, drop me a line!

~you know they cute~
Michelle May

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