Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just me.

I finally know why I'm so hyped up over my birthday... I'm depressed. You see, I have a very bad bipolar condition when it comes to feelings. When I'm happy, every little thing makes me smile, I'm nice to everyone and I'm like, high on drugs...

When I'm depressed, I don't wanna leave the house and I'm mean to everyone and I hate everything. I'm very much Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sometimes, I get so depressed that I just wanna be left alone. Please don't interact with me.

I'm leaning towards depression and nobody could see that. A Mac doesn't make you happy, it just distracts you from being depressed and delay the inevitable. I haven't been very happy these past few weeks.

I hate it that no one notices it and I feel sad, angry and lost. I just wanna stay out of the house and go home exhausted and sleep. I don't wanna face my parents. I just wanna do my own shit.

The office can really break your spirit and kill your soul. It takes over your life because you generally spend 10 hours in the office and 2 hours commuting between your office and your house. Thats 12 hours gone out of 24 hours.

I just wanna put sad smileys all over the place but I'm trying hard to fight the depression. I'm trying to be excited about my birthday and present, I'm going out more with my friends to avoid being crazy. But every morning, the depression just comes.

I hate it that everyone wants to have a say about what I should do, how I should act as if I'm their puppet! I have feelings and I'm technically an adult, that gives me constitutional right to practically do anything I want.

I feel so suffocated and controlled. I lost my fighting spirit and I just wanna leave everything and everyone and go away for a few days. What I'm doing now for 12 hours, is painful. The fact I have to go through it everyday? I feel like dying or giving up.

I really don't know, I feel like succumbing to my depression but I don't like myself when I'm depressed. I feel like I'm living a lie and to everyone else besides me, they think I'm the happiest girl in the world. I'm tired. I'm tired of living this lie.

I'm not happy. I'm depressed. I hate everything and I just wanna get lost. Apparently, everything that I do isn't enough. I have to live up to everyone's expectations.

Fuck this.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Macbook Air

People tend to get jealous/ curious/hater whenever they see another person carrying this around.

Upon opening the recycleable bag, you get the perfect gift... the way all gifts should be, in a box!

Then comes, the ever famous logo, to certify that the product is an original Apple product.

The box in all it's full glory! Haters, don't hate the player. This is the best thing in a box!

All Macs are ready to go and use. But the protective seal ensures that you are the first to use it.

Seeee! How beautiful is my Macbook Air? It's like the sports car of all lap tops.

Like all high tech stuff, you get the charger and manual in the box! This is how your Macbook box SHOULD look like!

I've always wanted a Mac, I have an unexplained affinity towards Apple products eventhough, I've never owned an iPhone. I'm more of a BB girl. Anyways, for my birthday (48 more days), Mother got me a be-early birthday present + going back to Uni + Graduation gift.

Let me tell you something about shopping in an Apple store, lots of people pack the store to play with the technology they can't afford. I know that Apple stuff are quite expensive but trust me, it's sooooo worth every cent.

Then, you go in there and tell the people that you want a Macbook Air 13" 256GB and they go like, "You wanna buy or see the higher spec model, but we have a cheaper model too." You see, even the people there don't think you can afford their stuff.

Then you insist, "Yes, I want to BUY the higher spec one but I want the lastest model with the i5 processor" That will get their attention, they will start rushing and suddenly, you're the only customer and other customers hate you because the person serving them, flocked to you recommending stuff.

You see, for those mac noobs, there's 2 models of Macbook Air; The older version with a dual core processor (which you can get for 500MYR cheaper from machines, Sunway Pyramid)and the latest (just launched 1 week) version with the i5 processor.

Well, you'll generally get tonnes of stares and I got scared, I had to change tables at Vietnam Kitchen because a whole group of guys were eye-ing my bag and people actually stopped and stared and it's just ridiculous! Had to go home straight away.

Anyways, I'm loving my 5K gift and can't wait to start school and get my iPad 2!! (keeping fingers crossed!)

~you know you don't hate me~
Michelle May

Monday, August 15, 2011


I bet that not many of you know what are nanoblocks, right? Have you heard about it? Well, Nanoblocks are 3D Japanese Lego, (in a nutshell!) But don't get scared when I tell you that these blocks are so tiny, it makes Lego seem like a giant! The smallest nanoblock is a mere 4x4x5mm.

This bag of 130 nanoblocks cost me 29.90MYR and the difficulty level is only Level 2, out of 4 levels.

These tiny blocks are then made into animals and buildings and even a drum set! I love it because I love challenging my mind. I'm so addicted to it! It took me less than an hour to complete the giraffe and already, my fingers are starting to itch!

I still consider myself a noob when it comes to stuff like these. I love buildng stuff and I love challenging puzzles. I hate puzzles that mess with your brains but these nanoblocks, they are awesome. You need to be able to read and follow instructions.

I faced some problems when I was building the giraffe's neck and I had to dismantle the whole piece! It's not easy but it's very rewarding. I'm so addicted and I love it so much that I plan to get more animals to build. And not to worry, I have most of the buildings on my birthday wish list!

Give it a try, it's addictive! Love Nanoblocks and if you're in Malaysia, you can get them at most Popular Bookstores. Animals cost 29.90MYR while buildings cost more, around 69.90MYR.

For more comprehensive designs, check Nanoblock UK

~you know I like it~
Michelle May


It's gonna be my birthday in 55 days. I'm so excited!!!! I've just been thinking about my birthday plans. Do I want a party or just pass the day with a handful of close friends? I love intimate affairs but on the other hand, my birthday can be a meeting point where everyone meets!

But I do know 1 thing, I want lots of purple and pink balloons! Oh, and not forgetting, I want tonnes of presents!!! Actually compiling the list right now... I can give you a hint, this year, I'm a huge fan of Swarovski! Namely, the Wings of Poetry Collection!

Any suggestions? I don't wanna spend like tonnes of money, I just wanna have fun! Clubbing if I must since, it's been ages since I last went clubbing!

~you know me~
Michelle May

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cooking Blog

I opened another blog. This time, it's for cooking and baking. If you love me but don't think that I can cook, please visit La Undomestic Goddess.

Why the name? I'm an undomestic goddess, that's why! My perfectly manicured nails are not made to be marinating, frying or baking! Anyways, You know you're in the right blog when you see my favicon.

I'm trying to cook and the blog is just a place to keep my recipes organized. I do occasionally bake, but I do not cook. I cook instant stuff. Food that are instant and delicious. Food that are simple and with minimal preparation time.

I'm learning, and hopefully, I can be a good cook along the way!

~you know I cook~
Michelle May

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hester's Open House

There was so much of good food! Ah Jun's mom cooked most of the stuff; the 3 kinds of noodles and the chicken wings! And I never knew Hester could make chilli dipping sauce!

Dr. Sharon's mom made this lovely jelly cake! It was delicious, milky and not too sweet.

Big Boss and his wife Dr. Nancy and their 2 lovely daughters; Joey and Mabel.

I was a bit blur, hence the nonsical grinning like a Cheshire cat! This is with Pei Yee, she miss me so much! *muahahaha*

The whole bunch of us; (L-R)Dr. Sharon, Dr. Chan, Dr. Ong, Hester, Pei Yee, Riko, Dr. Sunita and I was trying to watch Spot! LOL!

Yan Han and Dr. Eunice was also watching Spot the movie intensely with full concentration!

Helping ourselves to the lovely delicious food! We didn't leave the table, we were still grazing!

Dr. Sunita and Riko, Pretty women, right?

We were taking a picture and Ah Jun conveniently walked in front of us... lol!

Had a great time at Hester's Open house and we're happy for here to have her own house and maybe get married in the future. Their house is lovely and just nice to start a family. LOL!

How was your weekend?

~you know me good girl~
Michelle May

d'italiane'kitchen, Sunway Giza

Seafood Chowder

Sicilian Chicken Salad and we added Roast Chicken

Chicken Risotto

Since The Father and The Brother was in Segamat for Crystel's wedding, and I was extremely tired from cooking and studying that we decided to treat ourselves! (Me and The Mother)

She has never been to Sunway Giza and after walking the whole place, we finally decided to have Italian. d'italiane'kitchen is a cosy and nice place. Certain foods were delicious! I especially loved the risotto!

Risotto is a very delicate dish. It has to achieve a delicate balance between, creamy and light and deliciousness! They accomplished just that. The salad however, is a bit too tangy/too much rocket (i think) some bitter veggie for my liking.

The chowder however, let's just say I could make a better chowder. I love my chowder loaded with seafood, hence, it's appropriately called seafood chowder! Had one of the best seafood chowder in Aussie. Seafood, fully loaded!

Anyways, after we left, we saw lots of people eating the pizza. Must be good, we should try that the next time.

Anyways, here's the address:

Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
Block D, F.10, First Floor
No 2, Jalan PJU 5/14
PJU 5, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel : +60 3 6148 1828
Fax : +60 3 6148 1830

Google Map
~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Taking Everything for Granted

I'm so frustrated right now. I just wanna scream. I wanna be emo. I can't wait for things to change. I've been in this station far too long. 25 days till I leave this station.... for good. 10 days till I get my confirmation ticket to leave this station.

~you know I'm not here for long~
Michelle May

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Time of That Month

A couple of nights ago, The Cocker Spaniel was barking NON STOP at 12 AM, we turned all the lights on (like it was day!) and when Padre threw a mixture of rice and salt, The Cocker Spaniel stopped barking and ran into the house and...


For those who knows our family and Skipper, will know that:

1) Skipper DOESN'T bark at night. He's a lazy bum, he crawls under the car and sleeps till morning.

2) Skipper DOESN'T and DARE NOT run into the house. He's extremely terrified of mother and mother yells at him if he ever dares run into the house.

I went upstairs and decided to look out the window because the commotion was terrible. Skipper kept quite but the dogs 2 houses down the road started barking like crazy!

Imagine my shock when I saw things, beyond this world. There was an amber "opening" in the sky with lighting surrounding it and "movements" around the street. From the trees to the houses, there were a lot of movements. Unfortunately I couldn't see much because we have no street lights.

I've seen so many things that these didn't seem to scare me. Given a choice, I wouldn't want to "see" them. Who in their right mind would want that? It's an amalgamation of feelings. Just 2 days ago, I was walking to my car and I again saw something by the side of the road.

I smelt them. When I asked my friends if they smelt anything, they said nothing and when I looked around, I saw a shadow and then it disappeared. But, I can still sense it's presence. I hurried everyone to leave. They do not have long necks and bloated bellies, FYI.

I guess, it's that time of the month where Hungry Ghosts are amongst us. So far, they seem to be harmless. As long as they leave me alone, I'm happy. I've never been able to see them before until the incident in my room, but, that's a different story.

~you know I'm troubled~
Michelle May

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

La Bodega, Pavillion, KL.

The bestest American breakfast in the whole country has got to be at La Bodega in Pavillion, I dare say! The English Breakfast (27 MYR) is my absolute favourite, hands down.

I love mushrooms, I especially love sauteed mushrooms and my gosh! it has to be one of the bestest mushrooms ever! I suspect that they sauteed it lightly over the bacon oil. You know how aromatic bacon are especially if it's pork bacon. The smell is out of this world!

The eggs can be cooked however way you want it but I like it sunny side up. Man, you can never go wrong with sunny side up! But would like the poached egg though! (Be more classy!)

The bacon and sausages were heavenly! Seriously, have you tried those Western Food stalls in SS2 corner coffeeshops? Oh my, makes you appreciate whatever you eat. I have no idea what kind of sausages they use, but it is tasteless, and I couldn't even swallow it!

These sausages are polar opposites! These are highly delicious, meaty and oh so orgasmic. Sorry, good breakfast always make a dull day, brighter. You really feel as if you are ready to take on the world! Boo-yah!!!

Anyways, the Paella Valenciana Mixta (RM30/pax) was decadent. I don't use "decadent" to describe food escept desserts, but this dish is very rich and aromatic that just looking at it, makes you full. The rice is seeping in Spanish herbs and preparation and it's delicious!

Overall, I love La Bodega and will be haunting it soon! Mother and Yan Yan loves it because it's so perfect to people watch and to be seen! Al fresco dining and people watching you sip your latte/mocha as they trot around in their heels. Lovely Sunday, indeed!

La Bodega @ Pavillion KL,
Lot No. : C3.06.00, Level 3
Tel. : 03-2148 8018
Website :