Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hester's Open House

There was so much of good food! Ah Jun's mom cooked most of the stuff; the 3 kinds of noodles and the chicken wings! And I never knew Hester could make chilli dipping sauce!

Dr. Sharon's mom made this lovely jelly cake! It was delicious, milky and not too sweet.

Big Boss and his wife Dr. Nancy and their 2 lovely daughters; Joey and Mabel.

I was a bit blur, hence the nonsical grinning like a Cheshire cat! This is with Pei Yee, she miss me so much! *muahahaha*

The whole bunch of us; (L-R)Dr. Sharon, Dr. Chan, Dr. Ong, Hester, Pei Yee, Riko, Dr. Sunita and I was trying to watch Spot! LOL!

Yan Han and Dr. Eunice was also watching Spot the movie intensely with full concentration!

Helping ourselves to the lovely delicious food! We didn't leave the table, we were still grazing!

Dr. Sunita and Riko, Pretty women, right?

We were taking a picture and Ah Jun conveniently walked in front of us... lol!

Had a great time at Hester's Open house and we're happy for here to have her own house and maybe get married in the future. Their house is lovely and just nice to start a family. LOL!

How was your weekend?

~you know me good girl~
Michelle May

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