Tuesday, August 02, 2011

La Bodega, Pavillion, KL.

The bestest American breakfast in the whole country has got to be at La Bodega in Pavillion, I dare say! The English Breakfast (27 MYR) is my absolute favourite, hands down.

I love mushrooms, I especially love sauteed mushrooms and my gosh! it has to be one of the bestest mushrooms ever! I suspect that they sauteed it lightly over the bacon oil. You know how aromatic bacon are especially if it's pork bacon. The smell is out of this world!

The eggs can be cooked however way you want it but I like it sunny side up. Man, you can never go wrong with sunny side up! But would like the poached egg though! (Be more classy!)

The bacon and sausages were heavenly! Seriously, have you tried those Western Food stalls in SS2 corner coffeeshops? Oh my, makes you appreciate whatever you eat. I have no idea what kind of sausages they use, but it is tasteless, and I couldn't even swallow it!

These sausages are polar opposites! These are highly delicious, meaty and oh so orgasmic. Sorry, good breakfast always make a dull day, brighter. You really feel as if you are ready to take on the world! Boo-yah!!!

Anyways, the Paella Valenciana Mixta (RM30/pax) was decadent. I don't use "decadent" to describe food escept desserts, but this dish is very rich and aromatic that just looking at it, makes you full. The rice is seeping in Spanish herbs and preparation and it's delicious!

Overall, I love La Bodega and will be haunting it soon! Mother and Yan Yan loves it because it's so perfect to people watch and to be seen! Al fresco dining and people watching you sip your latte/mocha as they trot around in their heels. Lovely Sunday, indeed!

La Bodega @ Pavillion KL,
Lot No. : C3.06.00, Level 3
Tel. : 03-2148 8018
Website : www.bodega.com.my

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