Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Macbook Air

People tend to get jealous/ curious/hater whenever they see another person carrying this around.

Upon opening the recycleable bag, you get the perfect gift... the way all gifts should be, in a box!

Then comes, the ever famous logo, to certify that the product is an original Apple product.

The box in all it's full glory! Haters, don't hate the player. This is the best thing in a box!

All Macs are ready to go and use. But the protective seal ensures that you are the first to use it.

Seeee! How beautiful is my Macbook Air? It's like the sports car of all lap tops.

Like all high tech stuff, you get the charger and manual in the box! This is how your Macbook box SHOULD look like!

I've always wanted a Mac, I have an unexplained affinity towards Apple products eventhough, I've never owned an iPhone. I'm more of a BB girl. Anyways, for my birthday (48 more days), Mother got me a be-early birthday present + going back to Uni + Graduation gift.

Let me tell you something about shopping in an Apple store, lots of people pack the store to play with the technology they can't afford. I know that Apple stuff are quite expensive but trust me, it's sooooo worth every cent.

Then, you go in there and tell the people that you want a Macbook Air 13" 256GB and they go like, "You wanna buy or see the higher spec model, but we have a cheaper model too." You see, even the people there don't think you can afford their stuff.

Then you insist, "Yes, I want to BUY the higher spec one but I want the lastest model with the i5 processor" That will get their attention, they will start rushing and suddenly, you're the only customer and other customers hate you because the person serving them, flocked to you recommending stuff.

You see, for those mac noobs, there's 2 models of Macbook Air; The older version with a dual core processor (which you can get for 500MYR cheaper from machines, Sunway Pyramid)and the latest (just launched 1 week) version with the i5 processor.

Well, you'll generally get tonnes of stares and I got scared, I had to change tables at Vietnam Kitchen because a whole group of guys were eye-ing my bag and people actually stopped and stared and it's just ridiculous! Had to go home straight away.

Anyways, I'm loving my 5K gift and can't wait to start school and get my iPad 2!! (keeping fingers crossed!)

~you know you don't hate me~
Michelle May

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