Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Time of That Month

A couple of nights ago, The Cocker Spaniel was barking NON STOP at 12 AM, we turned all the lights on (like it was day!) and when Padre threw a mixture of rice and salt, The Cocker Spaniel stopped barking and ran into the house and...


For those who knows our family and Skipper, will know that:

1) Skipper DOESN'T bark at night. He's a lazy bum, he crawls under the car and sleeps till morning.

2) Skipper DOESN'T and DARE NOT run into the house. He's extremely terrified of mother and mother yells at him if he ever dares run into the house.

I went upstairs and decided to look out the window because the commotion was terrible. Skipper kept quite but the dogs 2 houses down the road started barking like crazy!

Imagine my shock when I saw things, beyond this world. There was an amber "opening" in the sky with lighting surrounding it and "movements" around the street. From the trees to the houses, there were a lot of movements. Unfortunately I couldn't see much because we have no street lights.

I've seen so many things that these didn't seem to scare me. Given a choice, I wouldn't want to "see" them. Who in their right mind would want that? It's an amalgamation of feelings. Just 2 days ago, I was walking to my car and I again saw something by the side of the road.

I smelt them. When I asked my friends if they smelt anything, they said nothing and when I looked around, I saw a shadow and then it disappeared. But, I can still sense it's presence. I hurried everyone to leave. They do not have long necks and bloated bellies, FYI.

I guess, it's that time of the month where Hungry Ghosts are amongst us. So far, they seem to be harmless. As long as they leave me alone, I'm happy. I've never been able to see them before until the incident in my room, but, that's a different story.

~you know I'm troubled~
Michelle May

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