Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I get super duper excited whenever I see mooncakes. I'm not a fan of mooncakes but because it's my birthday!!!! You see, I was born on the first day of the Mooncake Festival and when I was little, October/September doesn't make sense to me, so I keep asking my mother when is my birthday or how many days till my birthday and she got so sick and tired of me asking, she told me that whenever I see mooncakes, my birthday will be soon. So, I see mooncakes!!!!!

Coach Poppy C Glam Tote

is soooooo puuurrrfect to go back to school with!!! I can put my Mac, and carry everything in it! Oh,My. THE BEST PART?? I saw one at IPC, Milan Station and they're selling it for only 800 BUCKS!!! Original and LAST piece. Milan Sation is near Manhattan Fish Market, Love It.

OMG!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to the MAX this Coach Poppy Lap Top Sleeve!!!!

It's a children's book and I've heard so much about it. Please try and get me The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Camillo... Too bad that MPH has no stock of this book.

Would love to read about dystopian society because let's face it, humans being harvested are just interesting. I would love this book as well. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

This is the Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand cream. I love Cath Kidston, so, if Parkson has no Wild Rose, Blue Bell would be fine as well. I love all things Cath Kidston.

Nanoblock La Sagrada Familia.

Nanoblock Kaminarimon.

Nanoblocks can be bought at Popular/Popular Sunway Pyramid. I love these because I've always loved building stuff and I hated Lego because my brother hit me till my front teeth broke and I've stopped playing Legos ever since. These are different from those Lego pieces. These bricks are "nano" sized, measuring only 4X4mm!

Leonardo Da Vinci Paddle Boat from Toys"R" Us (55MYR)

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones (RED) Edition I think these are soooo cool! Don't cha think so?

Cuppacakes by Wondermilk Carnival Design from Bluejay Collection. Mint Chocolate Chip in Petite (Box of 36 pieces)

Sereni & Shentel Party Gift Set

Mandy- Shocking Pink
New Money - Candlelight
Bow Down- Tangerine

Swarovski Noisette Ring (Ring Size 60) 610MYR

Swarovski Mix Rings (Ring Size 60)

Swarovski Radiance Ring (Ring Size 60)

Swarovski Angelic Ring (Ring Size 60)

Swarovski Maeva White Ring (Ring Size 60) 600MYR

Swarovski Nightingle Butterfly Bangle (505MYR)

Swarovski can be purchased at the Swarovski Boutique in Mid Valley (near the Centre Court) and across Guess/delicious and Diva.

White iPad 2 Wi-Fi ONLY. 32GB (1799MYR)
Please DO NOT get me the one with WI-FI + 3G. I DON'T WANT that!

Oh, I want tonnes of pink and purple balloons too!!! Can? Am I asking too much? I had a sucky/non-existant birthday last year and the reason I'm so excited about this year, it's because I wanna make this birthday a memorable one where it over write ALL the other birthdays! Weeeell, except for my 21st surprise birthday party by Shini!

If you wanna deviate from my list, you can get me Cath Kidston's Lotion/Hand Cream from Parkson's. I love Cath Kidston. Or ou can get me body care or Moleskines. LOL! I just things I can use. I'm starting Uni, so, there's would be things that I need.

I really want an iPad as well if I'm not pushing my luck. It would be really handy for reading and games. Whether you like it or not, books will be obsolete once people are able to afford technology.

Past few years, I've been wanting books but for this year, I've discovered Toys"R"Us and Swarovski. Swarovski is a bit pricey and I don't expect to get any but hey! a girl can dream, right? Anyways, I like building things this year.

Hence, all the nanoblocks explained. You can also get me the animal Nanoblocks. I have the giraffe one already, so, you can get me any animal. I don't quite fancy Lego because it's kiddy toys and nanoblocks are just awesome. It's challenging and rewarding. I rarely go out and spend most of the time at home and these gifts would be awesome!!

Oh, don't really fancy clothes this year because I realised that I put on so much of weight and I need to lose them and be able to fit into my clothes that are still in their paper bags first. Till then, I don't intend to buy clothes... At least, for the rest of this year! (keeping fingers crossed)

Those who knows me really well, knows that I'm pragmatic as hell! I like pragmatic gifts. I don't like decorative gifts (It's a waste of space and money!). If you wanna divert from my list, please make sure that the gift you wanna get me is practical and something I would use.

If I don't get anything from here, I will be sad (honestly!) but I will still be grateful to the Lord for everything I have in my life. I know that these gifts I want are luxuries and not necessities but I think I've been a very good girl and I deserve it.

"Dear Lord, I've been a good girl, I've been helping a lot of people and especially animals and eventhough I may occasionally shout at those incompetent idiots, I'm sorry and please, please let me at least get a few things off this birthday list especially the nanoblocks. I really want the Apple products and the nanoblocks. Heh. :) Amen!!!"

"Oh, Father, I promise to be a better person too... "

The 1 wish I'll make when I blow the 2 big candles off, will be for me to get my Masters. Told you I was a really simple girl and for 15 over years, I've been wishing for world peace but it's time to grow up and be pragmatic. (Too bad my senses came 15 years too late! 15 wasted birthday wish!)

~you know you LOVE ME THIS MUCH!~
Michelle May

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Raya Open House

I'm gonna let all the pictures do the talking, about how much fun we had. Delicious food as usual by Kak Roz, and we terrorized her fishes and turtles! So kesian but it was real fun. I love, love everyone from St. Angel.

Just wanna wish her a very Selamat Hari Raya and I love Raya!!!

Pictures are all credited to Dr. Sharon.

~you know I'm fun during raya~
Michelle May

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Teh, Kiu & Partners Anniversary

I'm a horrid, horrid girl that i've been neglecting this blog of mine. My mom works here and I used to work here when it was LRT and Partners. We had tones of fun putting meat on the barbie, Aussie style.

God knows how much I miss the ol barbie!!!! Well, here's some pictures of that day. So sorry that I took so long to post about this. I was busy planning my party.hahahahaha.

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May


I told you I was crazy over Swarovski. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't afford to buy their jewelry even though I love the latest Wings of Poetry Collection. Hence, was hoping that anyone could get me the jewelry. But I did manage to get the pen. That's all I could afford, for now.

I'm starting Uni soon and I do need a pen. Well, this pen costs 135MYR. I'm old school when it comes to writing. God knows how much I enjoy writing. I love beautiful writing instruments and fine writing stationeries. *coughs*Moleskine addict *coughs*

Between an expensive jewelry, I would rather prefer fine writing instruments anytime. Writing is a dying art. Not everybody can write. You're either born with it or you have to spend tens of thousands to get qualified to write. Thanks to my Dad, I was born with it and thanks to my Mom, I got the qualification to write.

Call me old school but I dread e-mail, I love "Dear John" love letters, simplicity in writing and gets straight to the point. Dear John letters are so romantic and you have to watch the movie or read the book to understand. Have yet to receive any "Dear John" letters. Been waiting for those letters for 15 years now... The postman probably got lost and was too stubborn to ask for directions.

~you know you Swarovski me~
Michelle May

Morganfields, Pavillion, KL

This was the promo poster we saw and doesn't the ribs look so tempting? Because of this, we decided to try.

Over the weekend; Me, Madrekins, Yan Yan and Candy made our annual trip down to KL. We don't normally like KL as we prefer our 1 Utama but sometimes, we just go to KL for the variety. We decided to try Morganfield's. It's next to Red Box by the entrance of Padini. It was love at first sight because it looked so good at the poster near the information counter!

Since Yan Yan wanted to collect her tourist discount card, we decided to try after looking at the poster. The ribs were extremely tender. The call their ribs, sticky bones and they were sticky and delicious. The meat literally clung on the bones and the marination seeped all the way to the bones!

The waiters was even more world class. One of the waiters was from China and she was the sweetest girl ever. Customer service here is THE BEST. Even Madrekins was impressed. And Candy was happy that she gave the girl tips. Morganfields is a nice place. The food is good, we actually ordered a platter but I forgot to take a picture because we finished it.

For tea, we had Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. I love the waffle. So fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, decadently covered with chocolate and strawberries.

You can find them here:

Level 4, Pavillion KL,
TEL: 03- 21413192

Level 4, Pavillion KL,

~you know you rib me~
Michelle May