Friday, October 21, 2011


My lovely Margaret Ah Yee got me 2 tickets to watch WICKED in SG this December!!! Not just ANY tickets, but FRONT ROW tickets!!!! Super, duper excited!!!
The LOML got me this white iPad simply because he wanted me to be the coolest kid in Uni. He's very cute in that way.
Ming ming got me this novel, completing my Cecilia Ahern collection!!!
Shi Nee got me Moleskines for 3 of my subjects because well, she wants me to be the coolest kid in Uni as well. Loves it!!!
Candy Cheh got me this Swarovski necklace from their Wings of Fancy Collection. Love it too!!!
Austine got me this lovely Jill Husky from NICI...
And Dr. Eunice was the first to give me, my present which was the Nanoblock for La Sagrada!!
I love writing and got myself this gorgeous Swarovski pen because well, this is the only piece of Swarovski I can afford, for now.

Another back to school gift from Mommykins! I'm loving my MBA (Mac Book Air) 13" and I still can't get enough of it's beautiful silhouette.

Got this present from Padrekins!! The perfect back to school bag. I kinda love this canvas Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

This Coach bag travelled all the way from US of A just for me. Thank you Om for getting me such a lovely bag! I'm still loving every bit of it.

And Padrekins got me this Nanoblock Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle. Can't wait to start building it!!!

For family members, we normally celebrate my Chinese birthday according the the Chinese calendar to avoid sharing the same birthday as my brother. So, as far as family is concerned, we normally celebrate One day after Mid Autumn Festival which is 13 September.

This is what i got for my birthday this year. I doubt any present would be able to top this birthday. I really enjoyed this year's birthday very much. I feel so blessed, so loved and so happy. For my birthday next year, All I want is my MA cert. That was my wish as I blow off the candles on the cake this year.

I'm extremely happy and I can't stop thanking God for blessing me. Amen.

~you know you love me this much!~
Michelle May

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