Thursday, September 01, 2011

Morganfields, Pavillion, KL

This was the promo poster we saw and doesn't the ribs look so tempting? Because of this, we decided to try.

Over the weekend; Me, Madrekins, Yan Yan and Candy made our annual trip down to KL. We don't normally like KL as we prefer our 1 Utama but sometimes, we just go to KL for the variety. We decided to try Morganfield's. It's next to Red Box by the entrance of Padini. It was love at first sight because it looked so good at the poster near the information counter!

Since Yan Yan wanted to collect her tourist discount card, we decided to try after looking at the poster. The ribs were extremely tender. The call their ribs, sticky bones and they were sticky and delicious. The meat literally clung on the bones and the marination seeped all the way to the bones!

The waiters was even more world class. One of the waiters was from China and she was the sweetest girl ever. Customer service here is THE BEST. Even Madrekins was impressed. And Candy was happy that she gave the girl tips. Morganfields is a nice place. The food is good, we actually ordered a platter but I forgot to take a picture because we finished it.

For tea, we had Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. I love the waffle. So fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, decadently covered with chocolate and strawberries.

You can find them here:

Level 4, Pavillion KL,
TEL: 03- 21413192

Level 4, Pavillion KL,

~you know you rib me~
Michelle May

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