Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Fav Weekend

I love breakfast. There is some truth in the saying, Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and when I'm in Pavillion, our fav go-to breakfast place has got to be La Bodega. Love their Big Breakfast! I recently discovered their tapas, and maaan!!! Damn bloody good!
For lunch, it's normally something light and my current craving is Dome's Chicken Pie. Beautifully golden crisp cap on top of chicken and mushroom chunks in a most deliciously creamy broth! I love to take the cap off and tear it into little pieces and mix them into the broth. So good and wholesome kinda feeling.
I finally found Paul Frank Lip Balm!! Love that it has no color and my flavor is Clancy's Cotton Candy and it smells heavenly!! It smells so adorable, if there's even such a scent?
I couldn't help it. I caved in and bought something not discounted. But I got 10% off because I'm a student. I bought this lovely one shoulder Butterfly sleeve top from Forever 21. Recently, we've been getting some great deals from Forever 21 but I had to fall in love with this top. Price: 95MYR.
This lovely beaded sundress is from Debenhams. The original price was 198MYR but after discount, it is only 90MYR. I have an unexplainable obsession with sundresses. I love, love sundresses!!! They're so basic, pretty and easy to wear!
I have some kind of an unspoken luck with bargain stuff. I can always find great stuff at reduced price and they're mostly last piece and really cheap. Last time, I got myself a floral dress from Cotton On for a mere 30MYR!!! I found this at Forever 21, in a bargain corner for only 95MYR!! Original price was 139MYR.

As long as I can remember, weekends was shopping with Madrekins, Yan Yan and Candy. In a way, bringing a whole new meaning to the word Retail Therapy. I cannot describe how therapeutic it is to be shopping and eating.

I'd rather go shopping than to pay a shrink.

~what do you think of my purchases?~
Michelle May

My New Pet: Gary

I'm not sure if anyone keep snails as pets but you know that i'm a SpongeBob fanatic, so, I kinda in-a-way, adopted 7 snails as my pet. You guessed it, I named them Gary. For those ignorant ones, Gary is a snail and he's SpongeBob's pet.

They may look disgusting to some and they might steal The Cocker Spaniel's food once in a while but I still love them. At first, I started with 1 Gary, then more came and currently, there's 7 of them.

~hope you like it~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPad 2

This box was given by LOML and it was all wrapped up with a huge ass ribbon. He always said that I'm like a kid, so, he purposely wrapped it up in a huge ass ribbon so I can make myself happy by opening a gift!
I thought he was just kidding about the iPad, but when I opened the box, I saw this!!! I was excited already!!
This is how the unboxing should look like. After removing the iPad, you should technically see this, the adaptor, charger, manual, etc.
Then, I had so much of fun shopping for a cover!!! I found this lovely coral colored Charles & Keith one and the pictures does it no justice! It's a lovely gift.
This is such a thoughtful gift. Thanks to him, I'm the coolest kid in Uni!!! LOL!! Just kidding.

I had a very "Apple"tastic birthday this year. I'm one happy girl. All those gizmos that you could only play at Apple stores, I own them all. I'm very blessed to have my family, LOML, friends that made my birthday so memorable.

I love my MacBook Air and my iPad and all my gifts and not to mention my birthday party!!! This was one hell of a birthday and I'm wondering how anyone could top this year's birthday? I'll be graduating next year September (hopefully!!! Finger, arms, legs and toes crossed!)

I want a Merc B Class next year, can???

~you love me right?~
Michelle May

Friday, October 21, 2011


My lovely Margaret Ah Yee got me 2 tickets to watch WICKED in SG this December!!! Not just ANY tickets, but FRONT ROW tickets!!!! Super, duper excited!!!
The LOML got me this white iPad simply because he wanted me to be the coolest kid in Uni. He's very cute in that way.
Ming ming got me this novel, completing my Cecilia Ahern collection!!!
Shi Nee got me Moleskines for 3 of my subjects because well, she wants me to be the coolest kid in Uni as well. Loves it!!!
Candy Cheh got me this Swarovski necklace from their Wings of Fancy Collection. Love it too!!!
Austine got me this lovely Jill Husky from NICI...
And Dr. Eunice was the first to give me, my present which was the Nanoblock for La Sagrada!!
I love writing and got myself this gorgeous Swarovski pen because well, this is the only piece of Swarovski I can afford, for now.

Another back to school gift from Mommykins! I'm loving my MBA (Mac Book Air) 13" and I still can't get enough of it's beautiful silhouette.

Got this present from Padrekins!! The perfect back to school bag. I kinda love this canvas Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

This Coach bag travelled all the way from US of A just for me. Thank you Om for getting me such a lovely bag! I'm still loving every bit of it.

And Padrekins got me this Nanoblock Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle. Can't wait to start building it!!!

For family members, we normally celebrate my Chinese birthday according the the Chinese calendar to avoid sharing the same birthday as my brother. So, as far as family is concerned, we normally celebrate One day after Mid Autumn Festival which is 13 September.

This is what i got for my birthday this year. I doubt any present would be able to top this birthday. I really enjoyed this year's birthday very much. I feel so blessed, so loved and so happy. For my birthday next year, All I want is my MA cert. That was my wish as I blow off the candles on the cake this year.

I'm extremely happy and I can't stop thanking God for blessing me. Amen.

~you know you love me this much!~
Michelle May

Tree Monkey, Penang

Where delicious food and extraordinary nature meet... Beautiful place and good food. Just the way I like it!

If I'm gonna be writing something other than my thesis and assignments, I have to write about my recent trip to Penang with Madrekins, Candy and Yan Yan. I was feeling stressed up and any excuse for a trip to leave KL is fine with me.

It's been, almost a month that I've been in Uni. Sometimes, I feel so stupid compared to the other students who actually knows what the lecturers are talking about. International Relations couldn't be difficult but it's damn more challenging than my degree.

I was stressed out during my Degree because I was an overachiever. I wouldn't settle for anything less than a Distinction. Now, I would be over the moon if I even get a Distinction or an equivalent grading system here.

Really needed a short break and have to tackle 4 essays and 2 presentations by December. How cool is that? Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and maybe if you're adventurous like us, you would just pick a brochure from the hotel and travel there.

Tree Monkey is located after Hard Rock Hotel on the left. You won't miss it.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May