Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPad 2

This box was given by LOML and it was all wrapped up with a huge ass ribbon. He always said that I'm like a kid, so, he purposely wrapped it up in a huge ass ribbon so I can make myself happy by opening a gift!
I thought he was just kidding about the iPad, but when I opened the box, I saw this!!! I was excited already!!
This is how the unboxing should look like. After removing the iPad, you should technically see this, the adaptor, charger, manual, etc.
Then, I had so much of fun shopping for a cover!!! I found this lovely coral colored Charles & Keith one and the pictures does it no justice! It's a lovely gift.
This is such a thoughtful gift. Thanks to him, I'm the coolest kid in Uni!!! LOL!! Just kidding.

I had a very "Apple"tastic birthday this year. I'm one happy girl. All those gizmos that you could only play at Apple stores, I own them all. I'm very blessed to have my family, LOML, friends that made my birthday so memorable.

I love my MacBook Air and my iPad and all my gifts and not to mention my birthday party!!! This was one hell of a birthday and I'm wondering how anyone could top this year's birthday? I'll be graduating next year September (hopefully!!! Finger, arms, legs and toes crossed!)

I want a Merc B Class next year, can???

~you love me right?~
Michelle May

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