Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Fav Weekend

I love breakfast. There is some truth in the saying, Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and when I'm in Pavillion, our fav go-to breakfast place has got to be La Bodega. Love their Big Breakfast! I recently discovered their tapas, and maaan!!! Damn bloody good!
For lunch, it's normally something light and my current craving is Dome's Chicken Pie. Beautifully golden crisp cap on top of chicken and mushroom chunks in a most deliciously creamy broth! I love to take the cap off and tear it into little pieces and mix them into the broth. So good and wholesome kinda feeling.
I finally found Paul Frank Lip Balm!! Love that it has no color and my flavor is Clancy's Cotton Candy and it smells heavenly!! It smells so adorable, if there's even such a scent?
I couldn't help it. I caved in and bought something not discounted. But I got 10% off because I'm a student. I bought this lovely one shoulder Butterfly sleeve top from Forever 21. Recently, we've been getting some great deals from Forever 21 but I had to fall in love with this top. Price: 95MYR.
This lovely beaded sundress is from Debenhams. The original price was 198MYR but after discount, it is only 90MYR. I have an unexplainable obsession with sundresses. I love, love sundresses!!! They're so basic, pretty and easy to wear!
I have some kind of an unspoken luck with bargain stuff. I can always find great stuff at reduced price and they're mostly last piece and really cheap. Last time, I got myself a floral dress from Cotton On for a mere 30MYR!!! I found this at Forever 21, in a bargain corner for only 95MYR!! Original price was 139MYR.

As long as I can remember, weekends was shopping with Madrekins, Yan Yan and Candy. In a way, bringing a whole new meaning to the word Retail Therapy. I cannot describe how therapeutic it is to be shopping and eating.

I'd rather go shopping than to pay a shrink.

~what do you think of my purchases?~
Michelle May

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